I'm not sure if everyone knows or anyone at all knows, but I was not raised by my mother from the age of 11 up.  I live with some long time friends of the family, I refer to them as mom and dad because they have always been there for me and treated me as their own.  They are were I go, that is home and always will be.  They are not young, dad is 76 and mom is 77.

Lately Dad has had some health issues, he had Back surgery in Jan 08 then he had a quadruple bypass surgery in May, and just recently another back surgery last week.  He's doing quiet well for right now, and is at home recovering.

A couple weeks ago Mom had gone in for a catscan because of some pain in the abdomen she had been having.  They found some things on the scan that weren't quite right, so 2 weeks ago they did a colonoscopy.  I took mom yesterday to get the results.  I knew what was coming, but I had really hoped for the best.

And I knew as soon as the doc came in sat down, and then his nurse came in behind him, that he only carried bad news.  And of course there is only one way to give a person bad news, and thats just to out right say it.  "You have Cancer:"

Now I'm a pretty strong person.  And i wanted to be strong for mom, but I couldn't the tears just started to fall from both of us.  What do you say?  What do you do?  You can't really say that everything is going to be fine when you DONT KNOW!  She has been through so much and the last thing she needed was to hear that she has cancer.  But she's such a great woman, all she could think about was what was she going to tell her husband?  How was she going to tell him that he has to hurry up and get on his feet so he can take care of her?  How does anyone do that?

So this is how things are going to go down.  They are not sure if the cancer has spread to any where besides her colon.  They have  suspicions of lesions on her Liver.  She will go back to doc in 2 weeks and then they are scheduling her for surgery to remove the affect portion of the colon the first week of December.  So in three weeks they will know a little more about the stage of the cancer and where else it might be.

Until then we wait and make dad better.  Its all just too much for them at once.  Like they cant get a break.  And I don't want to loose either of them.  They mean the world to me.

So if everyone would just keep mom in their thoughts that would be great.

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