I swear!  I am going to have to vent for a second cause I just can't get over this!


So up in the NICU at the hospital that we went to both girls are doing great but I have to complain about the staff and their lack of... well I don't really know what it is a lack of.

The girls never required oxygen or heart monitors or anything that required good supervision or constant care.  They are both on adult monitors... Yeah weird right?!  They have never been hooked up to a baby monitor.  The nurse said that was a very good thing, but still.  They have all these weird rules and it seems like everytime they switch shifts or nurses (which is a lot) they don't get the care they need.  Each nurse is so different that they don't push they girls or make them do anything that might hurry the process of getting them home!  Addison is over 3lbs maybe almost 4 by now and they are just now going to let her come home.  She has been taking full feeds and breastfeeding for days now on room temp air and needs nothing from the staff but an occasional diaper change.  Allison is at full feeds and has been for a while also.  They say that she gets a little tired sometimes so they feed her with a tube every now and then.  Well hell!  She will never learn to eat like she should if they continue to make it that easy for her.  We have asked them repeatedly to make her try and use the bottle everytime and then what is left they can put through the tube but everytime the nursing staff changes so does her routine!  Hello people?!  Do you not understand that we would like to take her home soon?  We had one nurse that was SO good.  She had them both on track to be home by Thursday and then what happens?  She gets off her rotation and now she won't be back until Thursday!  I am going to put in a special request that she takes care of them as soon as she gets back.  There hasn't been anyone there but her who understands that we would really like to get them home.  I don't understand why people don't get the urgency!  No one wants there children up there in a box for weeks on end?!  I mean really people.  I swear that if they don't release her by the middle of next week I will walk up there and check her out myself.  They can't tell me I can't have MY daughter.  She is perfectly fine and they just like having the money rolling in from a child that they don't even have to look at except every 3 hours to feed her.  I think I might go crazy and snap on somebody if they don't get their asses in gear!  Really.  I know that they supposedly know what they are doing but if they did why would each nurse be so different?  I don't understand that in the least!  So I am either going to have to spend every feeding up there with her once it is just her or find someone that will take care of them they way they should be taken care of.  I can't stand this going back and forth stuff with the nurses.  I don't like how lazy some of them are and I am either going to lose my mind and start being the bitch I really am or let their daddy do what he does best.  I have never seen someone get so nervous as when he decided that they weren't caring for her properly and when he told them what to do they apologized like crazy and then the girls really started moving.  He does it in such a nice but stern way too that people don't get mad at him like they do me so I guess I will have to make him put his foot down again.  I am just at such a lose and so disappointed in the nursing staff that I don't know what to do!  UGHHH!

OK ladies I think that will make me feel a little better! LOL THANKS

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Nov. 11, 2008 at 10:26 AM

Call and talk to the head nurse, explain your concerns, she should be able to do something about it.

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Dec. 4, 2008 at 10:33 PM

Oh yea I would for sure be calling SOMEONE!!! I LOVED my hospital I  loved the NICU staff as well! They always knew what was going on with my babies they Genuinely (sp?) cared for my babies. They would even call me at home an let me know progress an bad things but they were pretty good they had bad jaundice an did have to be on iv's an heart monitors, an feeding tube, an oxygen but were pretty good other then that. I even was able to go back an stay an entire week in their Pediatrics unit they had!

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