I am writing this I guess as more of a vent than anything else.  I adopted a child 15 yrs ago from my ex sister in law. I have raised that little girl from birth. I have ensured that she spent time with both of her biological parents. I made sure that she understood that she was very loved and very wanted by all parties involved. I never told her anything bad about either parent. I made sure she knew her siblings and spent time with them. She moved in August to go to school where her bio mother lives. I agreed to let her do this because she seemed to struggle so here in this school system and I was hoping the change would be good for her. She moved in with her bio mom and her 2 siblings and bio mom's husband. Bio mom calls me last week and tells me that she and her husband have to move to Richmond which is about 4 hours from where they are now. It is closer to me but she is not taking her children with her. Her son (he is 16) is going to stay with her parents so he can finish high school where he  is at. My daughter is going to go live with her bio dad which is closer to me and her other daughter is going to go and live with her bio dad. So my daughter is being moved from the school she was in to another school .

I guess my biggest vent is that I loved this child and done everything under the sun for her and suddenly it is as if I don't even exist. My heart is broken. Noone seems to care that I feel like I have lost my child. My mother who has always been understanding says to me that you know how those people are  and she now says things about my daughter that I can't believe she would say to me. How she is snot and this that and the other. My kid is a good kid and she has never been a snot to my mother. It hurt me deeply for my mother to give me the impression that she did not love my child nor did she understand that I am hurt. My husband doesn't get it either. I feel sooo very much alone about this. Why can't anyone understand this hurts me.

I call my child but she won't hardly talk to me. I ask her when she coming to visit me ..she doesn't know. I have never done anything to hurt this child. I have given her everything I possibly can. I am hoping that she come back home eventually. and even more so that she will be ok with all this moving around. I love her with my whole heart. she has been my reason alot days for even getting out of bed.

anyway...I am just venting ...I can only hope things will get better. I just don't understand how she can just walk away and act as if I never existed. ...I just don't get it....

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Nov. 11, 2008 at 11:02 PM

 I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I can imagine how much this hurts you. I know it won't help now, but she will see in time what you have done for her. I hope for her sake and yours that she realizes soon. I wish you all the luck and I hope your pain and heartbreak is fixed soon.

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