(Can find most of this on youtube, I-tunes, basic search engines, and also myspace...a lot on myspace)

Traditional: There are 2 types of drum styles - Northern and Southern. Northern is characterized by higher pitched singing (not chanting!) and Southern is a lower pitched singing.







            Yes! We're in pop culture too!



                        War Party (good video:

                        Team Rez Official

                        Quese IMC (

True Rez Crew


                        Culture Shock Camp

                        Without Rezervation

                        Savage Family Higher Grounds Of Struggle


Other styles:

                        Bill Miller (acoustic)

                        Resistant Culture (grind/heavy metal)

                        Mya Little Boy (country/bluegrass/folk)

                        Eya-Hey Nakota (drum)

                        Shelley Morningsong (contemporary/indie)


                        These styles, and more, can be found on some of the links above too.







            The Canary Effect - (If you don't look at anything on these pages at all, or watch any of the movies at all, at least watch this one. This is one of the most important documentaries ever made about Native Americans today, and why we are in the condition we are in. Please, watch this one.)

Into the West (TV mini series) (one of the young actors is a world champion hoop dancer:








            Revolutionary Urban Natives -


            Indian Country Today -

Blue Corn Comics:




            Apache Skateboards:

Bunky EchoHawk:  or


Leonard Peltier:

Red Wire Mag -

Laws: (these laws still exist)

                        It is illegal to give free alcohol to Indians who live on reservations.

Arizona - Cards may not be played in the street with a Native American.

South Dakota - If there are more than 5 Native Americans on your property you may shoot them.

If three or more Indians are walking down the street together, they can be considered a war party and fired upon.

North Dakota -

It is legal to shoot an Indian on horseback, provided you are in a covered wagon.

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