The Meanest thing I ever said was probably to my mother around the age of 17. I had just came out about my childhood abuse and I told her I wished I wasn't her daughter that I hated her but,she told me to get OVER IT concerning my abuse. I just can't see how a mother can tell her daughter that?


My neice was throwing a kitten once and she broke its neck and killed it and I slapped her across the fase and called her a "BITCH"


I was pretty mean especially growing up and I know there was several times I said some mean things. Hopefully those people didn't hold it against me and just ignored it.

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Apr. 14, 2007 at 11:12 AM Ignore it? Your Mother told you to "get over it" concerning childhood abuse?? I'm sorry, but I don't consider what you said to your mother horrible after a comment like that...what type of abuse was it..your father, her boyfriend? A family acquaintance? And what type of abuse was it, Mental, Physical, Sexual?  But it still doesn't justify your Mom coming back with "get over it".!!!  I remember my mother saying something similiar to that to me, over he emotional abuse to me as a kid..but I replied with something a whole lot deeper towards her...I'm sure, though she was emotionally ill, she never forgot it!!  Eventually, tho, just prior to her death...I took her for a walk..and forgave her...carrying baggage like that for years hurts noone but least in my humble opinion!!

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Apr. 14, 2007 at 11:36 AM

I can't believe your mom would say that to you over an abuse issue.  That's horrible for a mother to do!  My mom spanked me once accusing me of ignoring her when she was yelling for me and lying that I couldn't hear her ( I really couldn't).  She found out 2 months later I had a serious hearing problem and was nearly deaf.  I tease her about spanking me and 20 years later she still apologizes and feels horrible for it.

As for your niece, that is HORRIBLE!!! I think I would have done the same!  They say animal cruelty is the first sign for serial killers. 

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