Here it is just another day for me. I have been sick all day.  I apparently have had some type of cold. oh yippee!!...I feel like crap. I called and talked to my daughter and ofcourse she did not have anything to say to me. She wants me to make her a sweet potato pie for thanksgiving . She is thinking of coming to visit on Saturday and sunday of that week. She doesn't want to go to my mother in laws for thanksgiving because she doesn't like them. sooo I am not going to force her to go. But i am also not going to change my plans.. I will make her pie because i am the only one who makes it like she likes it . She will always be my baby no matter what.  In my heart she is mine. 

Otherwise I am just hanging out and trying to figure out what to do with myself. My step son is going to his nannys this weekend and hubby and I are suppose to go to the Bass Pro shop. Woo-friggin-hooo. The first couple of times we went it was ok but now I don't care to go. I might not. I may claim sickness and just let him and our buddy John go. anway...that is my vent for today.

oh I also have to call the school and fight with my sons teacher there. She has no understanding of his disability. She is going to drive me insane.....I think I am going to wait until monday though cause I am PMS'ing and bitchy and I just might cuss her out.....I have to be patient and try to get her to understand  what the problem is. talk in little sentences.....ugh....somedays....ughfrustrated

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