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Marjorie Butler
Houston, TX
I've been with Ameriplan now for 3 years.  I love the fact that I don't have to sell products and have home parties!  I can work my home business on my own schedule around my 4 kids' busy lives.  I love helping others save money on their healthcare, but mostly love helping others work from home and realize their dreams, just like I have.  When I got started, my goal was to make $500 per month.  I've far exceeded that, and am looking forward to reaching $100K per year!
Christina Wiler
Ft. Wayne, IN
I spent 2 years looking for something to do to make REAL money at home.  I also spent over $4,000.00 trying things that didn't work for me.
Finally in November of 2006 I jumped into the home based business world with AMERIPLAN and I have never looked back!!  I now make more money from home each month than I did when I worked in corporate America AND I no longer have to peel my babies off my chest to drop them off at daycare.  They play right here beside me as I work!  How cool is that?
Terra Donathan
St. Clairsville, Ohio
I am a wife, and a stay at home mommy of a wonderful little boy. After having our son in December of '07, I did not return to work, as it would have cost more to have him in daycare than what it would be worth. I fell in love with the idea of staying at home with our baby.
We were doing ok with one income, until the company my husband works for had to cut back on hours to save on fuel costs. I immediately started looking for something that I could do from home to help supplement our income. That is when I came across Ameriplan┬«. I have to say, I am truly blessed to have found a REAL company, with REAL people, and extraordinary training and support!
Kelly Fulller
Carlsbad, CA
When I started to look for something to do at home I was hoping to make an extra $100 or so / week to help out with the bills, take the family on vacation, Christmas presents, etc.  I wasn't looking to become wealthy just for an honest company and a great opportunity.  It took me 7 months to find Ameriplan.  I recognize how much junk is out there and have been through that same ringer you're going through.  Realizing that I'll never have a boss again as long as I live has become pretty liberating.  With extremely part time hours (in the beginning)  I'm making a six figure income and working full time from home. 
Please do not take this as a brag.  Just what is totally and completely possible for YOU!  I came with no experience at all!  Just a strong reason why I wanted to be HOME.   I've found something I enjoy so thoroughly I'm one of the fortunate folks who get to go to work and LOVE WHAT THEY DO. 


Janie Jones
Texas, USA
"I am a stay at home mom of two incredible boys ages 10 and 13.  Five years ago I was desperately seeking for ways to generate additional income.   My goal was to make $400 a month.  When I found Ameriplan I fell in love with the compensation plan, the opportunity and they had a real service. Something  that people truly needed.  I didn't have to do parties nor sell expensive products.  So, I took a leap of faith and started working the next day.  For my consistency and persistence, I now make more than a full-time income and I have by passed my husband's salary (who was a civil engineer).  My husband now works at home full-time with me and we  love our freedom.  The best part is that we will never have a boss and we work when we want to work. Our children have both of their parents 24/7. We are so grateful for this company and our passion is to help other parents work at home like we do.  Thanks to Ameriplan my husband and I have even been featured on the cover of Simply Home Magazine.  You can see the cover above!"

As Parents we ask lots of questions:  
How can I work from home too?  How do I choose the right company?  Will I be successful?  How do I know if it's a reputable company?

Recently you requested information about working from home.  Whether your reasons are additional income, the cost of child care, the burden of gas prices, staying home with your young children or being at home when your older children get home from school, no matter what your reasons, your first priority is most likely finding a legitimate reputable nationally known company that you can be proud to work with.  Now is your chance to find out why over 20,000 other moms nationwide choose to work from home with Ameriplan and how they are earning $500 to $900 a week or more.   
Who is AmeriPlan?
Ameriplan is the Number One National Discount Health Plan Company in the United States and we have over 2 million members on our health plans nationwide.  In that last 17 years our members have saved over ONE BILLION dollars on their healthcare costs.   We have hundreds of thousands of providers including doctors and dentists as well as many Fortune 500 companies like Sears, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Wal-mart, JCPenny's, K-Mart, Pearl Vision, Publix, Alberton's and many, many more! 
We have over 50,000 Independent Reps across the country so we are a very large company.  We hold the highest ranking possible with the US Chamber of Commerce and we have been recognized and featured for the unique way we allow people to work from home in "US News & World Report", "The New York Times", "Wall Street Journal", "American Medical Review" and "Parent Magazine".  Even "60 Minutes" did a big special on our home based company.  Our debt free 100 million dollar company is also a member of the Consumer Health Alliance and The National Association of Dental Plans where we are listed as the number one dental plan in the nation!

What would I be doing in AmeriPlan?

There are two ways to work from home with Ameriplan.  We help people save money by introducing our discount health plans which range in price from only $14.95 a month to $59.95 a month per household.  We also help people make money by helping them to also work from home with Ameriplan as well.  When you work with Ameriplan you would be free to help people save money, help people make money or both!  As an AmeriPlan Independent Business Owner, you will have the opportunity to: 
  • Start Earning Checks Within 1-3 weeks 
  • Earn a six-figure residual income within 2 to 4 years
  • Receive FREE benefits for yourself and your household 
  • Stay Home with Your Children
  • Participate in our 401k and Direct Deposit options
  • Help others save money on their healthcare costs or make money in their own business
  • Create Financial Freedom that most never get to experience

What does AmeriPlan do to help me Succeed? 

For almost 20 years Ameriplan has been fully dedicated to helping their Independent Business Owners succeed.  We have an array of tools, resources and support that you will have full access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In addition, you will be led and trained by the top leaders and income earners in the company.  What you can expect NOT to experience is someone handing you a "business in a box" and then sending you on your way.  With Ameriplan you will be working with other Moms and Dads on the team.  They will teach you, train you and show you how to be successful too!  When you need help, you will call your trainer, or any other leader on the team at their home office.  You won't be asked to call some customer service number and talk to someone who is sitting in a call center.  This personal one-on-one attention is just the beginning.  Below are some tools and resources you will have from Day One with Ameriplan!
  • Interactive hands on training website
  • 24 hour access to a message board to talk, share and learn from other team members
  • 250 free leads each month
  • Step by Step initial online training
  • Over 15 live training calls each week on different topics, hosted by Moms for Moms
  • Over 5 weekly team meetings to participate in hosted by top leaders on the team
  • Free incentive trips to exotic places for you and a guest
  • Recorded team calls and training calls so you can participate in no matter your schedule
  • One on one mentoring with your trainer
  • Daily access to a Senior Trainer, another Mom on the team who is either a top income earner making $100,000 a year or higher or who is in the top 1% of production company wide, in most cases, both
  • Incentive and thank  you gifts to give our customers, like $300 in free gasoline or free vacation packages
  • Weekly pay checks
  • Direct Deposit and 401(k)
  • Flexible work schedule that you set
  • Residual Monthly Income
  • Top notch and ongoing industry training
  • No hard selling, telemarketing, cold calling, parties, inventory, handling cash or money
  • Average first year income part time $20,000
  • Average third year income over $60,000
Please make sure to read about some of the moms on our team on the left side of this email.  One of the main things that sets Ameriplan apart is that these "testimonials" are REAL people.  So real, in fact, that you will get to know and work one-on-one with the moms featured to the left.  

Am I right for AmeriPlan?  Do I have what it takes to succeed as well?

 With Ameriplan all you need is a "Why" and we will show you the way.  We are looking for people who are ambitious and driven by success and freedom.  The Freedom At Home Team within Ameriplan has one goal: to show parents there is a better way then the normal daily grind!  We want to bring parents home.  All you need to have is a strong commitment to work your business on a regular basis, you need to be coachable and trainable and you need to have a strong desire to create extra income from home.  If you can take a look at your life right now and feel that something is missing or lacking, make a positive change in your life today.  Look at the other moms on the team who made that change and now we will never have to worry about bills, day care, bosses, family vacations and not being there for our children.  I can't imagine a more beautiful gift than having Freedom At Home

I know this is a business and real businesses cost money.  I don't have thousands or even hundres of dollars to start a home business.  What is the cost that is involved?

This is one of the best parts about Ameriplan.  It will make you VERY happy to know that running an Ameriplan business from home is extremely affordable.  In fact, our start up costs are less then $100 bucks!  Sure, there are lots of legitimate home businesses out there that have start up costs in excess of $1000 or $3000 dollars.  However, it just simply doesn't cost that much to run an Ameriplan business.  So spend your money on something else that's important to you.  You won't need much to get started with Ameriplan.  For less then the price of a family dinner and a movie you too can be an Ameriplan business owner and be on your way to financial freedom!


How can I learn more or get started today?

We believe that the most important thing for you at this point is to get all the information you can about working from home with Ameriplan.   We want you to have all the details up front as well as have all your questions answered.  Remember, that at one point, each of the other Moms on the team were sitting exactly where you are right now.  We were learning about and researching Ameriplan, we were excited about the potential, the income and the freedom and at the same time concerned about finding a legitimate company.  We made the choice to learn about Ameriplan, we spoke to leaders on the team and got our questions answered and we decided to make a positive change in our lives by starting our Ameriplan businesses.  All of the Moms on the Freedom At Home Team within Ameriplan invite you to take a look at the company and learn how you too can be a Mom who has Freedom At Home!
Research Ameriplan:
Please take a few minutes to listen to the overview call below.  Jot down any questions that you have while you are listening.  Then, give me a call at my home office (832) 482-2493 or 1-888-236-9911 and we can talk.  I can answer any questions you have and together we can see if Ameriplan is right for you.  If it is, we can get you started the same day.  If it isn't, that's ok too.  We want to make sure Ameriplan is a perfect fit for you!  If for some reason it's not, hopefully we can part as friends.  Either way we wish you all the best and much success and happiness in your future!
Informative Overview Call:  616-712-1754 
Our Health Plans:
My Home Office:  (832)482-2493 or 1(888)-236-9911

After you have listened to the overview call above please get back in touch with me at my home office number highlighted above.  I look forward to your call!
To Your Success!
Warm Regards,
Marjorie Butler
Stay at Home Mom of 4
Senior Executive Sales Director
P.S. If you have already reviewed all the details and you are ready to get started working today you can either call me and I can get you started over the phone or you can submit your application online at:
Your training information will be emailed to you right away and I will personally call you to welcome you to the team!


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