Such a profound statement.  But what does it mean?  It means as Christians we need to be able to stand up for what it is right.  Be God's voice.  Be His hands and His feet.  Because if we do not stand for God we will just end up falling for any ol' fad religion that comes along and or adopt all of them.  And that doesn't seem to be standing for anything.  That seems very wishy washy to me.  That is why God wants us to be Hot or Cold for Him because if we are lukewarm He will spit us out.  He wants flaming Hot on fire for Jesus Christians!  So, in essence we need to be a full-time Christian believing and following EVERYTHING found in the bible, not just the bits and pieces we like and ignoring what we don't like.  Don't go with the flow of society, stand for something, stand for something worthwhile that gives you purpose...Jesus Christ.  Don't be one of those stand on the side lines kinda Christian, everybody has a voice for a reason...use it!  Don't be fearful, God tells us if He is for us then who can stand against us?  Come stand with me boldly today!  God wants Warriors for His Army.  GOD WANTS YOU!!!!   Don't you want to be a Warrior too?  Don't you want to stand for something awesome, something great something much more huge than you?  I know you do!  If you would like to give your life over to Christ Jesus and become a Warrior with me today, please Private Message me.

With Agape,


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Nov. 16, 2008 at 11:01 PM

I'm standing, girl....................

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Nov. 18, 2008 at 11:25 AM

I guess it's just me and you kid!

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Nov. 27, 2008 at 7:42 PM

Nope, Me too

 i went to Your profile so I could e mail you about your pie recipe. My family has said my pie could only be beat by my mother-in - laws. Now they say You could  teach Me a few things. I say, You already have,and not only in the kitchen. You are a great mentoryou rock

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