I will continue to post things when I go through them so keep coming back because there is always something crazy going on in my mommy life!

November 18

You know your a mom when you go to change out the laundry and see a ball (from Connor's ball pit) chilling ontop of the wet clothes you washed!...this happens when you are too busy to sort through the clothes one by one! Hey your lucky to get ANY laundry done.

Every day

You know your a mom when you blow on your food!...I don't remember ever blowing on my food before I had kids but now I blow on almost everything...I try not to do this in restaurants..but then again I try not to do this to MY food anyway!

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Dec. 2, 2008 at 12:34 PM

haha, so true, i do the same thing with food. oh and we have sooo had ball pit balls in our washer,,, and pens, and dolls, and other things that probably don't belong in there:)

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