(I have recieved very sad news today. A very dear and special friend to our family may be brain dead. I did not even know she was sick.  My mother called me 'cause I live almost 2 hours away and told me that this friend is hosptalized and that she apparently had a stroke due to a respitory infection and then somehow had a seizure and bit her breathing tube in half  and they are not sure how long she was without oxygen. she was semi responsive with blinking her eyes, moving her legs and yawning prior to the breathing tube incident. Now she is not doing any of that.  She is only 38 or 39 I think. She has 6 children. Her last four are still under the age of 11yrs. Her youngest is 3. He is soo cute. This is just so sad to me. She and her husband have shared every single holiday with my family for at least 10 yrs . I Met her years ago at church. She was 13 and I was 15. She and her brother started going to church with us when her mom married a guy in our church. so I have known her for 25 yrs. I am 41 yrs old. She is a good friend and I am so sorry sad and sorry for her husband and her children. I am praying for a miracle. Her husband is suppose to find out if she is Brain dead today. I won't know until tomorrow ofcourse.I am praying for a miracle. .......MY heart is just sooo sad.....simple frowncrying

I am trying to remain positive. But I know I must take things the way they are. ...please keep her in your prayers . She is great lady and a wonderful mom....



I have not had a chance to really update this since I found out about my friend Stephanie. So as it stands right now. Her husband  says she is moving her legs and yawning again but she does not respond to his voice as she was doing prior to the breathing tube incident so therefore she is not brain dead. They do not offer him alot of hope that she will ever come home and be with her children again. They are not able to tell him if she has brain damage yet.(though we are assuming that she does.) We are hoping for a miracle still. Stephie is young and she may be able to bounce back. She is paralyzed on her left side from a massive stroke. (she is left  handed). Please keep her in your prayers . and please prayer for her husband Bob who is sooo distraught at this time. He needs some peace in his heart. Poor guy. Please pray for her little children who only know that mommy is at the hospital and don't know that she may not come home. Please pray for them all. Thanks for reading and for all of your concern.  Please hug your children and keep them close. Thanks again and I will update as I find things out. ...Thanks girls for all of your concern....Terri




ok folks. it just gets worse and worse. They now think that she is severely brain damaged and that she has a hole in heart . They need to put some type of stint in with a filter (???) but they do not want to sedate her as she is already so unresponsive.  so they will not do that . IT does not look good at all. They are give her a very slim chance of pulling through this. and apparently she will not be coming home to her children due to her brain damage. I am waiting to talk to her hubby myself before I make any definates on that but this is what my mother passed along to me today. Please pray for her folks.  I have not called her hubby because i am sure he is more than bombarded by people calling. I am going to wait for things to calm down some. Have a good nite all and I will keep you posted as I hear stuff.....thanks for all of your good thoughts and well wishes.....



Update (11/26/08)

Stephanie has been removed from the ventilator. She was removed on Monday.  Right now she is still breathing on her own. She had a living will so  she is just being kept comfortable.  She is brain dead . Her brain stem is still open so it is controlling her body functions. It is just a matter of time.  She is not hooked to any type of feeding  tube or anything so it is just waiting it out. Her husband is very distraught over this. He is at home with the children. He said he cannot watch his wife die. I don't blame him and the children need him . Her parents are with her as well as her oldest daughter who is 19yrs old.  I will miss her so much. Our family get togethers will not be the same with out her. cryingRest in Peace Steph....We love ya girl........


update (12/03/08)

Well they unhooked her ventilator last monday and she is still hanging on. She is  brain dead. She is not hooked up to any fluids or food.  So it is just a matter of time. This is what she wanted according to her living will. The doctors keep saying 1-2 days.  It is not getting any easier. I hope it will soon. please keep her husband and children in your prayers. They need all the support they can get. I just wish it was all over so we could have closure and start the grieving process.  Does that sound cold. Her spirit is gone. I miss her so much. I just feel her children need closure. As long as she is in the hospital the little ones think she can be "fixed".  and that she will get better and come home. Bless their little hearts.  It breaks my heart for them.  Their dad has explained that Mommy has gone to heaven and that she is watching over them. But again they are young so I am not sure how much they understand.  I wish I had some magic answer for this.  I am just so sad right now. Anyway I will keep you posted. Thanks everyone for reading.simple frown


I just recieved the news.  Stephanie has died. She passed away about 10p.m. .....I am so sad.  It just doesn't get any easier. .........Please keep us in your prayers .....sad

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Nov. 18, 2008 at 7:37 PM

Im so sorry for you, and will say a prayer.  I lost my dad last yr to bacterial meningitis that stemmed from a sinus infection, it makes me look at colds and things of that nature a little differently and open my eyes to know just how serious they can turn out to be.

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Nov. 25, 2008 at 7:21 PM


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Nov. 29, 2008 at 7:39 AM

Oh, I am sooo sorry. This makes my eyes fill up with tears. How heartbreaking, for both of your families.  That is a long friendship you shared, and I am just so very sorry.


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