Question: Did the movie do it for you?


Yeah!!! I loved, loved, loved it. Definately will buy the Video and really looking forward to the next movie.

Well.. It was ok but I wanted more.

No. It was just bad and I demand they do better for New Moon or I'll...well I'll..OK, there's nothing I can do but I' will really pout.

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Waited in line with my daughters for the traditional midnight showing.  Really surprised!!

Highlights...These were the best actors but sadly, they weren't any of the main characters in Book 1

Victoria...Can't wait to see Rachelle Lefevre as the staring villain in Book/Movie 3.  For the small time she was on the screen she stole it...Her small performance was breathtaking

Esme Cullen... Yes, Yes, Yes.  She and Victoria are the only Vampires that truly looked ageless and Elizabeth Reaser actually came off as having a dark and dangerous side beneath that breathtaking beauty.

Jacob Black...Another performance I can't wait to see grow and develop.  This will definately be an unexpected treat for Team Jacob in the next Movie.  Taylor Lautner has actually shed the LavaBoy.  In the first book, Jacob is definitely unassuming and unattractive...more brotherly.  I've seen him in 'My Own Worst Enemy' (he plays a kid) and there is one episode where he competes as an ultimate fighter where he definitely transforms into Hot Hot Hot. I love when actors are that versatile that they can completely re-create their characters.

Emmett Cullen... OK, this guy (Kellan Lutz) is officially what I will picture every time I re-read the books.  His performance was natural and effortless.  Watching him was comfortable in a very good way.

Surprisingly, Laurent...  Wasn't what I pictured for the role but Edi Gathegi really pulled it off well.

Charlie Swan... Billy Burke was great.  Actually, he was perfect for the part. He had to have read all 4 books because he nailed the character.

The best scene's were the Cullen's cooking.  The quip about her Italian-ness because of her name (Bella) was a crack up.  Also, the first lab scene.  Definitely the baseball scene and you will love..really love the steamy scenes (all of them). 

Isabella Swan..Kristen Stewart was believable and I liked most of her performance but most just wasn't good enough for this movie.  I can say I loved her visual and physical performance which was sublime but her spoken work was just OK.  Her voice overs lacked the heroine-esque, altruistic vulnerability.  She was vulnerable in some scenes and heroine-ish in others but could never pull off the duality at once.  I know it sounds weird, maybe someone could word it better but I just think her performance was good.  It wasn't 'fall in love with her' wonderful like the book.

Edward Cullen...Robert Pattison is definitely eye candy.  Stunning to look at but he was just completely wrong for Edward Cullen. If all we had to do was look at him (like they did with Jasper) it would be great but his performance was just not good.  It wasn't actually bad but it was inadequate.  Edward has to be so much more.  First, with the gazillion hot actors out there, they could have found someone who could be naturally pale without a tan.  The overuse of make-up was visible and distracting.  Second, he is a Yankee era like American.  His accent was slight but again, audible and distracting.  If Hayden Christensen could ditch the accent to brood and catch our fancy..there's gotta bee some young, hot Hollywood up and comer who could have done it.  They didn't have to cast a star because the books are what already sold the theatres out before a single actor was cast.

Carlisle Cullen....OK, I'm going to be overly harsh on Peter Facinelli because Carlisle and Esme are my favorite characters in the books after Edward and Bella.  In the books, he was strikingly beautiful and young looking.  Is it impossible to find an actor who can fit this? He just didn't catch the feel of the ultimate great villain.  I mean, there's a lot of superhero's who are hero's caught in the bad guy/villain body.  Both Carlisle and Edward missed this.  It's almost like they read the part but not the books.  Just not cool.

Alice and Jasper Cullen...Well, again...they were not outstanding as a cast.  Ashley Green's acting was perfect but looked too old to be Alice (maybe it was the hair and wardrobe?) and Jackson Rathbone just looked uncomfortable.  Their performances were forgetable.

Rosalie Cullen...This was absolutely the worst part of the movie.  Nikki Reed was completely horrid in this performance and whoever cast her should be fired.  There is no universe, alternate or otherwise where she could be the tragic, bitter, stunning beauty.  Her work was neither bitter, tragic or  stunning.  In the books, I actually liked Rosalie in the same way we have to love Anniken Skywalker even if we know he's Darth Vaadar.  It didn't work.

James...All I can say about Cam Gigandet's performance was iiiihhh.  It didn't kill.  It was fine.

OK, now the movie as a whole...

Cinematographywas beautiful..I mean visually stunning.  The casting didn't make the cut.  Too few standouts and sadly, none of them were the lead roles.  The script was choppy and soapy (I've heard better script on a Soap).  Other than the Cullen cooking scene, nothing took my breath away and that's sad because I would say all 4 books took my breath aways so they had plenty of material to get it right.  Yes, they covered most of the scenes but they completely missed the magic. The director/directingwas again, just OK.  I mean, I wouldn't actually say wait for the Video, but if I had not obsessively loved the books...if it was any other movie I would maybe rent the video if I'd already seen everything else that was actually good.  The special effects were just as bad as Nikki Reed's performance as Rosalie.  It reminded me of the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or those old Japanese Godzilla effects.  I mean, in an age of 300, Transformers, LOTR, Star Wars..come on...The budget couldn't have been that small with such a huge fan following.

OH..right...Loved all the music.  They got that 100% right.

And...the location scout should get an Oscar.  That too was perfect.  The Cullen's home, the high school, Bella's house..even La Push were sublime.

Don't hate me because I didn't love the move.  I loved the books. I really loved the books.  It was like loving...really loving Godfather 1 & 2 and then watching Godfather 3.  You have to watch it because you're such a huge fan.

I'm sorry if it sounds harsh.  I guess after waiting in line for 14 hours, I expected a lot.  I think Stephanie Meyer's books were just that good for me that I expected the directors to work as if were Shakespeare or Austen.

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Dec. 3, 2008 at 3:54 PM

TOTALLY agree with all of this! HAD to see the movie after the books...such a letdown. Hopefully the next one will do the story better justice.

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