Well, in less than 24 hours since this beaut has been in my living room, I am beginning to figure things out.  I had my dad play solitaire (one of the projects) and took a pic of him doing so... I found a new resolve that if the "old guy" can pick it up that quickly, then certainly I could figure out how to make a playlist!  I dreamed of music last night...and lack of music...as in no music at our christmas party... and how sad that would be... so I have to find it within me to be sure there is music...the new way...not just my trusty cd player... at my parties!   The adventure will continue.

  A few notes on the ease of use and accessability on the computer...

  *My father is physically disabled and was able to use the touch screen quite well...it was wonderful not to maneuver keys on the keyboard.

 *My four year old is visually impaired and I do hope to find a memory game for him to play in the same way, this will remove obstacles for his play and cognitive growth.

I, truly, seem to be the only one with hang ups. 

This is truly a new product on the market and teaching an old mom new tricks is not an easy thing to do.  I was playing mahjong last night and one of my (special needs) twins sat next to me and figured out that touching the matching tiles on the screen "worked" in playing the game.  I am truly not tied down to the mouse any longer.   The capabilities of this machine are multifaceted and I hope to learn some of what it offers quickly...it seems like it will be a real benefit in our homeschooling, especially with a visually impaired child...being very close to the screen to see and touch the goal object is much easier for him than sitting a distance away from the monitor and navigating a keyboard.... which has no direct correlation in the mind of a developmentally delayed child.   This product will make homeschooling my special needs children easier.  HP, you have opened up a new world of learning to my children.  Once Mom learns what it can do, the sky is the limit.

  And lest I forget...dear old Dad playing solitaire!   Until later, may health be yours.

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Nov. 22, 2008 at 10:53 AM

It kind of looks like he is at a local casino playing cards on the slot machine. LOL! I hope he was served free drinks while playing! That is great that your boys are really enjoying it. I never even thought about the bonus of the boys being closer to the screen and easier navigation for them. That is awesome!!

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