tomorrow is my babies first birthday! what an excitement! I just finally started talking to my dad and his side of the family. some of them I've talked to for years but not all of them. I couldn't be happier about it.  If only things could stay happy tho... this morning we took my grandfather off life support and he died. he had diabetes really bad had one foot amputated a few months ago and just yesterday had his other one amputated. they felt he wasn't going to make it so we had to make the hard decision to pull him off the support to end his suffering... just as i thought things were looking up we take a downfall... anyone that knows anyone that has diabetes please please instill in their head that they need to take good care of themselves! you never know when they are going to go into a spiral downfall! he was healthy and in good hopes things were looking good yesterday and this morning he made a turn for the worst... now i have my daughters dad that has diabetes and it scares me that it might happen to him. I'm trying everything i can to get him to take better care of his body... but like in my grandfathers case he was and he still went... not sure what to do... all I want to do is cry but i feel i need to stay strong for everyone else that was much closer to him than i was... idk... idk...

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