A post by Dr. Mark Crislip explains how the immune system is NOT overwhelmed by vaccinations in very young children: 

A baby’s body is bombarded with immunologic challenges—from bacteria in food to the dust they breathe. Compared to what they typically encounter and manage during the day, vaccines are literally a drop in the ocean”, and Dr. Offits studies theoretically show an infant could handle up to 100,000 vaccines at one time … safely (6).

It is not the mercury in vaccines, its the vaccine schedule that is the problem. Too many shots, too many antigens, too close together. Our children need to be exposed to fewer antigens, less often, so they don’t get complications from the vaccine like autism and autoimmune diseases. It is all part of greening our vaccines.

That is part of propaganda on vaccines from the More Infectious Diseases for Children, a.k.a. antivaccine groups.

What is the vaccine schedule? How much exposure do children receive from organisms and antigens as part of the vaccination schedule? The entire schedule is at CDC.

In summary there are 5 live attenuated or altered organisms and 21 different antigens by age 6. A couple of vaccines are added from age 7 to 18, but by then it is too late, your child already has autism and autoimmune diseases from the immunologic and toxic scourging of vaccines. BTW. Sarcasm.

Is the vaccine schedule a lot of virus and a lot of antigens? Is this an enormous load on the immune system, sending it spiraling out of control to damage the child? Lets find out.

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Nov. 24, 2008 at 9:43 AM

I did research on this in the late 70s and early 80s...I had heard about it even back then. I read how Japan did not give the shots until the babies were older....so when I had children I got their shots before they started school....the only shots they had were the ones they got at the hospital before we adopted them...then we waited until they were starting school...if I had known they did not have to have them for school I am not sure I would have given them then....but at that time I did not know...

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Nov. 24, 2008 at 2:59 PM

Oh boy Karen!

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