A day in my life….

430am BEEP BEEP BEEP groggily slide out of bed walk across the room to shut that screaming alarm clock off.. Rub my eyes god is it time to wake up already I just fell asleep!!!!! Dogs gotta go out … walk to the bathroom calm the dog who is now dancing as I try to pee faster… Flush, hope it doesn’t wake the 4yo.. Get the dog out who has now barked 4 times in the process.. Close the door head for the coffee maker. Start getting the coffee made. 445stand by the coffee pot and wish it to brew so much faster glance at the clock and sigh… Dogs scratching at the door, go let him in its frozen have to hold the cold clasp in my hands to melt it .. Now hands are freezing cold. Get him in and close the door. Walk back over to the coffee pot and see there is enough for a cup! Go to the freezer and grab my frozen whip cream put a dollop in the cup and head to the coffee fill up and head to the living room.. 5am. Sit on the couch turn the morning news on load up the computer sip sip sip .. 515 am start to dread waking the first .. Check emails and local news relax.. Ok 15 min are up 530 wake up bonnie, get her going. Check her clothes she has picked out. Make sure she changes her socks. Come back down the hallway and hear the toilet on the other end of the house flush UGH Xanders up … here he comes screamin down the hallway demanding food hes hungery what are we having for breakfast, wheres bonnie, wheres kris. .. . .. .. . And on and on and I tell him as nice as I can BE QUEITEEEEEE!!!! He pouts and slams down on the couch. Hollering at miller to get out of his way. 6am Time to get Kris up.. Walk in switch the light on she grumbles shes tired, I don’t want to get up …. I know I know I know … Get up kris NO I don’t want to … I don’t want to …. Ok kris time to get up and have breakfast… Im not hungry ,,,, Kris you have to go to work today … I don’t want to GET UPPPPP PPLLLEEAAASSSEEEEE! Kris rolls out of bed grumbling and grumbling. Send her off to the bathroom and get her clothes set out pu them all in order of going on. She comes in sits down pretends not to hear me … its 630 we need to get moving we are going to be late… Argue with kris about getting dressed. Simply end up doing it for her because she now has forgotten how to get dressed. Its 645 get 3 bowls of cereal of course no one wants the same kinds.. SO I make the deciion amongst the I want ths I want that and I decide for everyone.. Xander pouts and cries… 710am everyone is finished eating start sending them to brush teeth and hair… of course KRIS doesn’t want to…. Argue with her 720 im walking her back to brush them for her… smileling cuz if I don’t I’ll cry.. Get her hair right away too as she doesn’t want to do that either.. Get coats cuz im not even going to ask kris to do it for herself. Have bonnie start watching for the work bus. 735 they are GONE! Xander starts in I want to watch cartoons I want this I want that…… explain to him that cartoons ROT your brain.. Put a movie in his room for him so I can go shower. Get in the shower and steal myself 5 min of water on my head… Hurry finish up.. Help xander work on spelling his name work on his numbers,  ..930am  Xander needs a nap … argue with xander to get in bed its time tonap.. Remind him to go potty … he dosnt want to … explain the wet bed punishment… he goes.. In bed he hops. Ok nows the time to get te breakfast cleaned up off the table… load the dishwasher, sit down fall asleep half hour later wake up from the phone. Cant fall back to sleep might as well watch som etv. 1030 wake up xander get him ready for school make lunch and off to the bus at 1140.. Get him on the bus come home check the mail. Sigh just bills.. Sit on the couch and search the job listings MAYBE  a better job has developed overnite. Dream of the house we want… not to long just makes me sad. Grab my coat go get mike.. 12:57 they finally let him out ( in jail DWI) so I can go to work. Bring him home go get my scrubs on .. Grab something to eat quick, pack a lunch tell Mike all about the day and what we need to get done in the evening…. Grab my lunch name badge keys and kiss the husband and leave. Get to work by 2pm.. PUNCH in  ahh we are short.. C. N. A. at the nursing home.. Gonna be a long nite… Get on the unit answer a million questions of our dementia patience, try to calm them all shift when they cant remember why they are there. Try and convince the ones trying to leave that they should stay. Try to figure out the code mr. H is telling me as he is having an accident … figure out code much to late… help mr. H to the bathroom to clean up. Hear an argument break out in the hall way … seems one of the residents is insisting that she is the head nurse and that one of the other residents isn’t doing her job and she needs to be walked out of the building… and it turns a bit aggressive… thank god these people can move as fast as they used to. … break the fight up bring each to their own rooms to cool off… Start my clients getting ready for bed.. Its 9pm.. Supper was in the middle of all that.. I forgot to mention it!. 4 want to go at the same time.. Each insisting I help them first. I have to pick and of course its never the right order according to the other. Get all 9-12 folks in bed clean and comfortable. Its 9pm time to chart…. Oh I should call hubby make sure everything is going well or went well. Its all well… Chart all the cares, grab the vitals. Start bed check making sure everyone is dry and comfortable … wait till 1005 for the over nite aide to show up and releive us …
Get home at 1015 kick my shoes off,… go change out of my scrubs. Get some pj’s on .. Talk to hubby for 15 min … get xander up at 1040pm take mike back to jail. Get home round 1115 get xander to the bathroom and back into bed 1130 sit down on the couch and try to relax for a few min so I can fall asleep …. 1145 let the dog out one last time . Turn the lights off in the house check everyone to see they are sleeping and all the night lights are on. Let the dog back in and head back to bed… Crawl in take a deep breath… count my blessings … and fall asleep around 1am and yup 430am BEEP BEEP BEEEP .. And repeat…

There is a day in my shoes!


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Jan. 9, 2009 at 4:40 PM

and you have time to do crafts?  when?  while you nap? 

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