Want to hear something funny?  It wasnt funny when it happend, but today its hillarious!  Sunday after church we swung by Mc D's cause i was dying for an ice cream cone.  I could almost taste it i wanted one so bad!  Anyway, we pay for it and then we get to the next window.  The lady hands out this pitiful pathetic looking thing.  It was the saddest looking cone i have ever seen.  The ice cream wasnt over an inch high in the cone, it was dripping all down the sides, and to top it all off it had a giant thumb mark in the side of it.  My dh hands it too me and drives away.  Im sitting there staring at it in horror.  That cannot possibly be MY cone.  I look at my dh and im like, LOOK AT THIS THING!!! He kinda glances at me and is like, what?  He is totally speeding up at this point.  I know hes praying that i wont have a fit over it.  I start crying, looking at this cone i was given.  It wasnt anything like i had pictured in my head.  I keep crying, and demand that he takes me back, cause i was gonna talk with the manager.  My dh refuses and drives faster, telling me that we are almost home.  I cry harder and start screaming about this horrible cone.  It wasnt even fit to be called a cone!!! It was a peice of crap!!! And there was no way on this earth i was going to hold, much less eat this peice of crap.  I rolled my window down and chucked it out the window (some dog ate it).  MY dh sits there with this horrified look on his face as he tries to pull into our driveway. and look at me at the same time.  I got out of the car and marched into the house and cryed about it the whole rest of the day.  I refused his offer to go get another one.  I was absolutely certain that no one could make my perfect  cone that i had imagined.  And if they could, it wouldnt taste ANYTHING like what i wanted it too. 

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Dec. 1, 2008 at 9:59 PM

Awww hun, I'm sooo sorry!  Men are soo clueless!!

You did give me a good laugh thou!  I can only imagine what goes through their minds during our pregnancy fits, lol!

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