My DH was on Good Morning Oregon! During the 'On The Go With Joe' segment for Dec 1st, Joe V spent the morning with the PXW guys including my DH who wrestles under the persona Joe Wild aka The Joe Show. On Dec 7th PXW is having a show and holding a toy drive, kids get free admission if they bring a toy, and the main event is going to be Joe Wild vs. Bad Blood (a wrestler from TNA a show on Spike TV) with Joe V (the newscaster) as a special guest referee.

Well yesterday (Dec 1st) Joe V had a match against Widow Maker, with Joe Wild at ringside ( Joe Wild is the guy in purple and black who escorts Joe V to the ring, he also interferes in the match. Part 1 of the match is under the image of Widow with Joe V in a headlock, part 2 is under the summery.

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