Ok here are my experiences with both sites:

Upload time:

Shutterfly was quite slow the first time I was uploading pictures on to their site. It has picked up a bit though so I think that perhaps it was just a clogged up with too many people the first few times I was trying to upload my pictures. One upload with about 500 pictures took almost 6 hours at one point. I left it overnight to do.

Snapfish was... well... snappy! The pictures that took HOURS (literally) on shutterfly loaded in 30-60 minutes on Snapfish.

I prefer snapfish for uploads

Template/Background choices:

Shutterfly - I had originally complained in my post that Shutterfly didn't have enough customizable options for their backgrounds. However, I have to say that compared to Snapfish... Shutterfly has SOOOOOO many background choices. I wish they were customizable (i.e. could change the color of a certain pattern but that may not be as easy as I think it is and colors on the computer are way different than how they print most of the time.)

Snapfish - Had very very limited background and theme choices as well as extremely limted cover choices. I far prefer Shutterfly in this area

Definitely, definitely, shutterfly wins this one hands down!

Ease of use:

Shutterfly - So simple to use and navigate. I was able to load all of my pictures into my book and sort through them however I needed to! The click and drag option was great and I loved how you can crop the pictures easily to however you want them!

Snapfish - Not so easy to use. It took me almost a week to get the book on snapfish made whereas shutterfly was about 2 days. The controls are more difficult. I do however, like the fact that I can change the brightness of a picture after it's in the book on Snapfish whereas on shutterfly you can't.

Again, shutterfly is the winner hands down. Their site and book construction is much easier to navigate than snapfish.


Shutterfly - The layout options with shutterfly are vast. There are many many different ways that you can set up the pages to show exactly which pictures you want.

Snapfish - Not as varied as shutterfly but still not bad. I wish both sites would allow an option where you can place the pictures wherever you want but that might not be too easy to do.

I prefer Shutterfly for the layout options


Shutterfly - The transfer of shipping from UPS to USPS was confusing and caused a LOT of problems. My first book didn't arrive on time. They need to pick one shipping technique (preferrably UPS because USPS stinks) and stick with it. I ordered several other books after the first though and they arrived on time via UPS with no problems.

Snapfish - Was shipped via UPS and arrived promptly after the book was printed.

I prefer the shipping with Snapfish but shutterfly isn't bad either.

Customer service:

Shutterfly: Obviously outsourced. The people didn't speak very good english. They did apologize for the shipping error and send me another book ASAP. The original book arrived a few days later and I got the second book. Despite the fact that they are outsourced the company does care about it's customers and does what it can to help.

Snapfish: Also obviously outsourced. The free book code did not appear in my account and they did add the credit into my account for me. They did not understand when I was trying to ask a question and ended the help chat the first time before they had fixed the problem. I had to go back and wait another 45 min for another person (who also did not speak/write very good english) that finally helped me.

Both companies resolved the issue but I feel that Shutterfly cares more for their customer base than Snapfish - simply because of how quickly and efficiently they resolved the problem.

Finished product:

Shutterfly: The cover was clear and bright. The pictures came out beautifully. The binding is definitely quality. The book is made to last and the pages are thick and well made. Overall the book is beautiful and beautifully assembled.

Snapfish: The cover is beautiful (wish I had a few more options on the cover but it came out lovely). The pictures are also clear and bright. The binding seems a bit loosely constructed. Honestly, it worries me a little bit. The pages are not as thick as shutterfly's pages. I like the size of this book better though 8 x 11. This is a beautiful book but the assembly of it could use a little bit of help. It doesn't seem to be as high quality as shutterfly.

Winner on this is definitely shutterfly. I will be ordering the 8 x 11 size from now on though. i prefer it over the 8 x 8 size.


AND THE WINNER IS.........................

In my opinion, I think that Shutterfly wins hands down... It was easier to construct, beautiful when finished and high quality. They are getting all of my business in the future.

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