Question: My son will be 5, although he acts more like a 8 year old, he ONLY wants a 4 wheeler for his b-day. Whats your opinion on the kind of 4 wheeler we should get?


Neither he's too young

battery operated

real, but the smallest they make and set the speed

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 Okay, my son will be 5, May 2nd. He ONLY wants a 4 wheeler and that's all. I was going to request that everyone puts the money they would have spent on a present in a "pot" for the 4 wheeler. I'm not asking for a set amount just what they would have already spent. I will have the 4 wheeler there at the party along with a card for everyone that gave to sign. My son is fine with only getting the 4 wheeler and no other presents. So far everyone I've spoken with seems okay with it.  I told them what we were getting him and everyones saying I should get him a REAL 4 wheeler instead of the battery operated ones.  He will be 5, although he acts more like a 8 year old.  Whats your opinion on the kind of 4 wheeler we should get?



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Apr. 16, 2007 at 9:45 AM

they make them for younger children they have a thing on the transmision ( i can't think of what its called) but it makes the  4 wheeler only go a certain speed and as he grows and gets better at driving it you can make it go faster and eventually remove it if i remember right i think the lowest speed it makes it go is like 5-10 mph which is NOT fast on a 4 wheeler lol

i would suggest a Polaris or a Yahma - those are about the best brands of 4 wheelers on the market, don't forget Eye goggles and a helmet and never Leave him unattended

when i lived with my parents (where my 4 wheeler is) I let my kids drive mine,  but i was on it with them and mine is a sportsster so its pretty big but still has a lot of power

my kids have been riding and driving a 4 wheeler since they were 3 yrs old ( my son is gonna b 7 and my daughters going on 10) they never drove it with out me sitting right there and my hands on the handle bars so if i needed to stop fast I could do it

the battery operated ones actually suck  my dad got my son one, but we "tweeked" it, we removed the batteries it came with and put a lawn mower battery in it, he went faster then it did with the battiers they came with ( 3 mph in reverse 2-5 mph in forward with the battery they come with) but he still liked the real 4 wheelers better

good luck and hope he has as much fun on his as me and my kids have on mine

they are extreamly fun - but to the un expiernced they can be very dangerous at the same time

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Apr. 16, 2007 at 11:17 AM We are a motorcycle family hubby and I both ride. We have 4 wheelers and pocket bikes for my son. It is just a matter of teaching him the same thing my hubby and I learned early on. If you respect the bike it will respect you. And we have knock on wood made it 15 years with that theory. The last thing I have to say is Helmet, helmet, helmet.... teach him young to wear this all the time.

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Apr. 19, 2007 at 4:01 PM

Thanks for voting and for the comments.  So we have decided to get a real ATV, and yes we already have the helmet.  He will be told/taught no helmet, no 4 wheeler.   We have a friend checking on some today, to see how cheap we can find a new one for.  If anyone knows of a place please let me know.


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