I'm a simple kind of girl i don't ask for much, I guess i would have to say a mini vacation for my husband and i so that we can relax together. Our dates consist of leaving my daughter with our neighbor while we go to walmart. sad I know. I would like to be able to drop the baby off at grandmas( both live 1192 miles away)  check into a hotel, Wake up late, get a couples massage after breakfast, go explore the city we are in hitting up all the historical sites, museums, art galleries included, get a small lunch, go back to the hotel. bathe , fool around.. hehe, get dresses, go to dinner, then catch a live show of some sort... hit up a night club....... that sounds like a perfect day for me..

not that i don't love my little monster, but that's what she is a MONSTER....  we both need a big break, hes a Soldier, and he deserves it as much as i do...

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