My dear son,

Each day, you continue to amaze me and bring us so much joy.  Since you were born 12 years ago, you have had to struggle so many times.  First it was the cleft palate you were born with, and the first year was rough because it was so hard to feed you - but you were strong and we got through.  Then when you were in the toddler years, you were diagnosed ADHD - we all fought this battle for years, but finally things settled down.  We moved, many times - and you continued to take it all with good humor and an amazing ability to adapt.

As I sit here looking at your report card, I cant help but be filled with pride.  92% average.  All A's in every subject.  You were named student of the month by your teachers.  You continue to follow the dream you have had since you were two - you want to be a marine biologist and learn everything you can about the great white shark.  You are already looking at colleges. You are so careful and caring about your schoolwork, you want to learn, want to have good grades.  You have come so far!

Two years ago, you asked the store up the street if you could have a job for 50 cents an hour sweeping the floor.  So cute, and also so responsible.  They promised to hire you when you are 16.  And to this day, you still say you have a job waiting for you.  I admire your work ethic!  And Im sure they will be good to their word about the job when you are old enough.

I am so proud of the tween that you are - and I look so forward to the man that you will become.  Your teachers describe you as being funny, always smiling, a favorite of students and teachers alike.  A good friend who sticks up for what he believes in.  Who cares and looks after others before himself.  They also call you humble, and the first to realize and correct any mistake you make, to heal any wound you may cause.  But I also see your generosity towards others, your kindness, your zest for life and living it.  To be your age again, on the brink of becoming the adult you will be, but innocent to still believe in magic.  In a way, I envy you - and in ways I dont envy what you will face in this world as an adult.  But, I also know you can take any challenge and meet it head on, with you head held high, and you feet firmly on the ground.

You are our shining star!  We are so proud of you.  Your father and I love you so very much.  I cant wait to see what you do tomorrow!

Love always,   MOM


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Dec. 10, 2008 at 5:18 PM

Ohh that is so sweet, I write letters to my sons all of the time, I don't give them to them but someday I will.

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