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Great shopping deals...need a holiday gift?
Christmas is soon...you still need some gift ideas?
Some great shopping specials... from camo watches, to fiber optics, gift baskets, kids puzzles and more...check out my good shopping deals...
*~~*~~*~~*~~*Winter Wonderland Party Time~*~~*~~*~~*~~~*~~*~~*~~*~~~*~~*~~*~~*
Judy Nowakowski
holiday party Dec 3rd-6th http://www.nowaspartyzone.info/
party room  http://www.starlitechat.com/morning_brew.htm
Grand Opening of Starlite Gardens Club http://www.starlitegardensclub.info/
http://www.starlitegardens.biz/holiday/index.html  all your holiday decorations and gifts! Discounts!

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