Provider Problems

The first major complaint I have seen is that some people join as members of the program, and then they find out that there aren't any providers in their area. No dental program in existence controls every dentist in the nation so obviously some places have a lot of dentists and some areas have none at all. Almost every AmeriPlan ® website I have ever seen includes a "Locate a Provider" link that allows you to look for dentists in your area before you join, so you can avoid this problem by first going to the locate a provider tab on the website
AmeriPlan Health ® is different than Ameriplan
Dental ® with the way its provider list works. AmeriPlan ® Dentists are all individually contracted with AmeriPlan ® and are re-certified on a yearly basis to ensure they are living up to our standards. AmeriPlan Health ® however has more than 400,000 providers because they contracted with a provider list already in existence ( Beech Street), in the health care industry this is the norm.

Accounting and Canceling

This is the second biggest group of complaints about AmeriPlan ® so we will address those next. I have read from several people that had a hard time canceling or that they were still charged after canceling. AmeriPlan ® has a policies and procedures manual that is readily accessible, but I understand that most people don't have time to read it so this is how it works. To cancel your AmeriPlan ® membership or your AmeriPlan ® IBO status, send an email to that states your desire to cancel along with your name and member or IBO number. Your cancellation will take effect 30 days from when you send the email so you will be charged one more time. This has always been the policy of AmeriPlan ® and it's also very common in the healthcare industry, be aware of this before you join any program! I read one complaint from a gentleman that said that Ameriplan® had tried to charge his account twice in one month when he didn't have enough money in his account the first time. If you agree to have ANY company make automatic withdrawals from your account on a monthly basis and you don't have enough money in your account when that takes place, they are going to try again a few days later. Then he complained that AmeriPlan ® was a scam and he saw red flags because they wanted his credit card number. Is he suggesting that he could get health insurance from any other company without using his credit card? Almost every company in existence that charges a monthly fee requires a credit card or checking account number! AmeriPlan ® lives by its reputation, why would it jeopardize its 2 million member base by trying to unethically squeeze this one person for an extra $20?

Individual IBOs

The Last group of complaints all centers on the IBOs themselves and all of the various recruiting and training practices among them. It's inevitable and unfortunate that a few people will cross unethical boundaries in a group of over 40,000 IBOs but AmeriPlan ® does it's best to impose moral practices upon all the people that are associated with the company including terminating their association with those that would do the rest of us harm. When one of us acts solely on their own personal agenda we all suffer the consequences, so if you are considering this business because you believe you can take advantage of people, then you better find something else. The most common complaint made in this group is that the AmeriPlan ® work from home based business opportunity doesn't work for one reason or another, usually because new IBOs sign up and then just sit around and wait for something to happen. They blame the person who signed them up, the company, and almost anything else they can think of, but their failure is their own making and I will explain why. This business is no different than any other in many respects so let's imagine you have decided to open a restaurant instead. When you acquire your business license, do you then wait for someone to come and walk you through all of the things you don't know about running a business? Of course not! If you want to be successful, you have to take the imitative to learn and go. If you can't motivate yourself to do that, then why would AmeriPlan ® be to blame? Some people just can't break free from needing someone else to direct all of their actions; if this is you then I wish you all the best but please don't sign up with AmeriPlan ®. All of the information you could ever need is right there at your fingertips but no one can force you to go get it and when you run your own business, no one is going to show up and do it for you. AmeriPlan ® has an extensive training regiment along with hundreds of individual IBO training websites including the Freedom at Home training group on cafemom.  There are also conference calls and online training but you have to decide to commit to what you are doing or you will just be throwing your money away. Obviously the AmeriPlan ® work from home based business opportunity works, where do you think 2 million members came from? The only real difference between you and the people who have already become successful with this is that you haven't done it yet. When you start your restaurant your odds of becoming an instant success are almost impossible, you need to be committed to the idea and begin building a customer base over time. This takes years not weeks and your restaurant will fail if you give up after 2 months of slow progression. The big difference between AmeriPlan ® and the restaurant is that AmeriPlan ® costs $50 a month to be an IBO but a restaurant requires thousands of dollars a month and tens of thousands of dollars to start. With that in mind I had a little chuckle every time I came across a complaint about how someone had lost hordes of money ($50 a month!) in this business that doesn't work. The last point I wanted to mention here is that we deal in dental and health programs, the single most needed service in this country today. We're not talking about selling pet rocks here; if you can't work with our product then I challenge you to find anything else that has a larger customer base and need. So if you have the motivation to be successful and have dreams you would like to achieve then Ameriplan may be just what your looking for.

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Dec. 6, 2008 at 3:28 PM

nicely done!!! KUDOS!!!

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May. 19, 2009 at 5:31 PM

Very nice

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Dec. 30, 2009 at 10:11 PM

Well said... you have covered all bases logically and extremely well.  You will go far.

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