Ok. I love where I live and I love my husband. We are happy. There is just one slight problem. My  roommate. HIm and my hubby have been friends for like 20 years. Great! And he's not a bad guy, just a freakin slob! He doens't clean up after himself. He leaves shit laying all over the place. Everytime I turn around, Im picking up after him. I would hate to see how he lived if we didn't live here. I went to my dads for a week and when I came home, it was trashed! There was food on plates laying on the couch. He let his dog shit and piss all over the floor. As a result, all 3 dogs are now outside and we had to rip the damn carpoet up. And he is so loud! He will come in the house, and start talking loudly. I'll tell him the baby is asleep and to please be quiter and it doesn't matter! He just won't quiet down. And he will over talk someone, and repeat everything till you laugh, or comment. And he will argue something with me that I know is right, and try to prove me wrong. Then if I look it up or show him he was wrong, he will say " oh i was thinking something else" BULLSHIT! I could understand maybe once  or twice but everytime we talk about something! Its just so frustrating. And my hubby  is like "its not so bad".. Well not for them they get to walk around in the underwear. I have to make sure I am fully dressed before I come out of the bedroom! Even in the middle of the night! And he will stay up late, then bitch bcuz hes late for work, and he yells it through the whole damn house, so I hear him, and more than once he's woke the  baby up! Ok, well Im done for th emoment. Just wanted to get it out of my system!

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Dec. 18, 2008 at 5:49 PM

I'd be kickin some A-S-S sister!!!!

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