Hi!  Well, I was a single mom for many years-my ex was a real dark person which I didn't find out about until after the honeymoon period was over-he left us when my son was a year and a half-( such a blessing in disguise) when the dark side of my ex began to pop out of my son during his grade school yrs I , among other things started a journal and just this year..this month actually had my story published. ( gosh I'm so excited..it's Finally finished:)The book is called 'Unspoken Fear..Is Your Child Turning Into Your Ex?" It's an inspirational story ( I hope:) about one single moms journey to save her only child from going into a world of con artists, theifs and violence-a story about survival that every single mom I know has alot of the same fears-maybe not so over the top but fears none the less-it could always be better or worse right? We all have a different set of circumstances but we can relate to each other. It's short 120 pgs and the review on Barnes and Noble on line reads" it's an easy read, like a good friend is telling you her story." wow- I got a review....it's just so exciting to me:)  My web site is up but still having some bugs worked out like a larger forum and a few other things-I would be very honored if you took a look at http://www.raisingex.com/ and flattered if the book became part of your "library"-it's also a good read for your 15-18 year old female young adults in your life-could give them a warning signal that otherwise could fall on deaf ears...Have an Awesome day! gz rahn

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Dec. 10, 2008 at 6:14 PM

Congrats!! My sister actually came across it in the bookstore. She skimed the most part and said it felt like her life in print. She is also a single mother of 3 (though the dad is kinda in their lives) her oldest is headed into his dad's shoes.

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