I cannot believe I only have an estimated 6 weeks before Ana Sophia arrives!!!! This has been the fastest pregnancy yet. Maybe its the time of year that I got pregnant or that I have four other children to keep me busy while having one in the belly is just a tag along : ) Either way we are getting so excited for her arrival. I haven't had a "new" baby in over 3 years and a girl baby in 8! I have been working on getting all my chirstmas shopping and wrapping done and the house ready for the holidays. I also volunteer once a week to wrap presents at the mall for united way and at the food pantry at our church.

 The boys are in preschool M & W 830am-1130am. We do little explorers together Friday mornings @ 11-12 and TOT Walkers Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 10-11 ( this is getting harder now that I am 8 months pregnant!). My next door neighbor comes over Friday afternoons from 200-530 and sits while the boys nap and I take the girls to run errands or on a special trip to the playground, Discovery Zone, or sometimes to even to the spa : )

After we get the holidays behind us and everything down we plan on setting up the babys room and that should keep us occupied until her arrival!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays in general!!!!

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