So I don't really know what to start a journal about so I am going to start with a little bit about my babies. We have a 3 1/2 year old (little girl named Brodie London) and a 9 month old little boy (named Calyx Patton). We have spent the last 3 years living with in-laws OH NO! but just moved into our first house in July. It has been some pretty wonderful 7 years with my hubby we have been married for 3 and together for duh 7 haha. Our little girl was our fire cracker she was born on the 4th of july and of course so he couldn't be upstaged our little man came into this world on leap year this year. As you can tell our family loves the holidays (did I mention we got married on halloween lol). So we are pregnant with our 3rd little surprise just found out a few weeks ago and we are psyched! We weren't exactly expecting it this soon but hey everything happens for a reason. My little girl is my best friend, she is the greatest. She isn't quite potty trained yet which believe me is a complete hassle but she has a lot of belly problems and she is just trying to deal. My little dracula man savage is unfortunately deaf. Not exactly the greatest news you want to hear about your babies but there just isn't much else to be done other than smile at his beautiful little face. So pretty much things rock in our little life. We rock out with our babies all the time (Brodie loves to mosh it out to some metal it is adorable) and since he can't hear all Calyx does is kind of scream haha. He has a new fav food too which is so funny because if you don't get the mac n cheese and tomato soup in his mouth fast enough he screams at you like a banchee it is awesome. So hopefully when number 3 comes around she/he will like there family and things can be even closer to being complete. Then only one more to go and we will have fulfilled our happy big family :-) So yay for my first journal post!!

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