My baby girl is 2 years old today. She is such a big girl. She had a great day. I had dh put her pink tricycle together so it would be ready when she woke up this morning. She has been asking for a bicycle for months now. So when she woke up we sang happy birthday to her. And she blew up her candles before the song was over. It was too cute. Then we gave her an Elmo birthday card. After that she pulled off a sheet that covered her tricycle. She screamed out "bicycle!" when she saw it. She got on it right away. She hasn't quite figured out how to pedal the trike, but I'm sure she'll figure it out sooner or later. Then she opened her other presents. She got a keyboard from Grandpa. She loves it, she played with it all morning. She also got a play microwave oven. And she also got a bubble maker for the bathtub. She has eaten a lot of cake today. I can't wait for Christmas. She is going to have a great time.She loves opening up presents.  She has started potty training again. I am thinking about getting her a twin bed. But she still has bedtime issues. She is adjusting so well to her baby brother. She absolutely loves him. I haven't seen her wanting to be treated like a baby yet, although she asks for "the booby" when I'm nursing James III. But I have to tell her that the booby is for babies. And she doesn't really force the issue. She loves being a big sister. She is a great helper too. She will always get me a diaper and wipes when I change her brother. And I think her seeing him in his diaper really encourages her to potty train because she just about refuses to wear her pull ups anymore. So hopefully we'll get it this time around.

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