My fiance and I are just not getting along. 2 weeks ago he was like " I love you are and the twins are my whole world ". and now he wants to "take a break" he says we fight alot. Well yeah we do because he works 18 hours a day and I am at home with the 4 kids and I am stressed. Yesterday I had the flu bad and he couldn't stay home to help. My sis came over and took care of the twins for a couple of hours. But I am so depressed and just need to know if anyone else goes through this and does it get better?

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Dec. 13, 2008 at 7:08 PM

Just hang in there.  It will get better.  Maybe look at it in a whole new light.  If his working so many hours is what enables you to stay home with your little ones, that could be a way that he is telling you that he loves you.  Keep a smile on your face and I hope you are feeling better soon.

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