Question: Do you get those crazy happy hormones that make you wanna punch elvis in the face?


The king has hit the floor!!

Some times but only his daughter not the king

No I contain myself like a good little prego should

Do you really punch elvis in the face?

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Right now is one of those crazy happy hormone moments when I can feel pregnant and I can feel my crazy wild emotions running amuck in my forehead lol. Like I am super psyched I go home in two hours I am so ready for some popcorn and salsa or maybe another pizza tonight? Depending on if my hubby gets a good movie to watch tonight, and guess what else? I sooooo get a three day weekend!!! We are taking our little girl rollerskating with santa tomorrow and unfortunately monday we have to take her to charleston to have another prcedure done on her little belly but maybe it will tell us a little more about her problems. We had my sons ears remolded yesterday for his hearing aids and let me tell you that was lovely! You wanna guess how hard it is to get a 10 month old to sit still long enough to put a cottonball in their ear then fill it with molding crap? one hour and 45 minutes!! But luckily he should be getting his hearing aids in two weeks so atleast we have things moving and don't have to worry about waiting any longer. Things are looking peachy other than the blow up with my mother right now but oh well. All is well I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and happy holidays!!

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Dec. 13, 2008 at 7:22 PM

Read your journal, good luck with your daughter's appointment on Monday, hope you get to relax, I did not take your poll since I am not pregnant it kinda confused me, I guess...

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