DiamondCreek Candles are made from a 70% soy/30% paraffin vegetable blend, for a superior fragrance throw. They are also made with a zinc wick so there's NO tunneling and NO soot. They are Lead FREE!! And there are over 100 scents to choose from. From the bakery to the outdoors

Do you like oval candles?

Coffee ones?

Pillar candles?




How about

Aromatherapy Candles?


Tealites and votives?

Oil lamps?

wax covered rose pedals?

You order online, and its shipped to your home!!


Or, you can Become a consultant for FREE and save 25% on your purchases. If you love what we have to offer, you can stay with us FREE for 30 days and then choose from our 3 monthly plans AFTER your free 30 days

Silver $5/month...save 25%

Gold $9.98/month...save 40%

Platinum $29.99/month...save 40% and get 2 candles each month

Have your own website,
Carry no inventory,
No monthly quotas,
Stock no products and much, much more!

Parties are up to you....not required

Alissa Russell

Independent Rep. for DiamondCreek Candles




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