Yes a depeche mode (also covered by many a band ie dope for one I believe not the best) although the cover queens of the stone age did of white wedding was by far one of the best. And the guy from ulver and whatever his bands name is they did a cover of (believe it or not) kiss from a rose and it definitely is a butt kicker. Anyways this isn't a post about music although it is turning out that way. Just wanted to chit chat about my week in my babies lives. I took Calyx to have him fitted for his hearing aids on friday and let me tell you how awesome it was. No yes I am being sarcastic but atleast withint the next two weeks we should be having a happy hearing little boy whom when I tell him no no you can't eat the christmas tree maybe he will repsond lol. Brodie went and had her barium enema done on monday it was sad. Afterwards she was so upset and so sad she was like no more ows mommy daddy. Which is what she calls her enemas and crap that has to be shoved up her butt to poop. Poor kid. Hopefully soon they will figure her out. But if not we can just keep hoping. But other than that we brought goblin home on Sunday and that has been great. Adding our monster dog back in the mix was just what we needed at the holidays lol. Ever since we brought her home though Calyx has started to walk more and more. Like he is just off it is so adorable. Well I am off now. I am going to get ready to leave another long totally unfun 13 hour shift of work to go home and wrap my presents which are sitting in the band room in plain sight waiting for brodie to go play drums and say "what's that?" haha. But yeah have a good evening everyone and I hope all of you pregnant ones out there are enjoying the hormone rage like me right now. I am floating on cloud nine right now for no reason other than the fact that I am happy to be pregnant with my third and can't wait for this little monster to come into this world full time!!

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