we are in the process of trying to sell our home, with the rest of America.  We are having to relocate to another state do to my husbands job, which  he has already started.  So therefore he is working out of state and i get to prep the home for viewings, and raise 3 children.  When there are viewing I experience moments of hope and excitement of being able to join my husband and selling the home, so far only to get rejected and sent back into reality of the terrible market crisis we all are experiencing.  However I guess I am hopeful for the new year and the promise of hope with the new administration of the president.  I also try to remind my self how lucky I am that I have a home,a ,family and my husband has a job for that matter.  However the roller-coaster ride of selling is quite a stress-ful experience.

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Dec. 21, 2008 at 5:04 PM

OMG!!  I was just in that situation not 6 months ago.  I know the feelings and the stress.  It took us 9 months to sell our house.  With several viewings and only 2 people interested.  Have faith that it will happen.  Also, it can't hurt pray to St. Joseph.  I don't believe in burying him but I prayed, oh did I pray and cry a lot!  LOL I started to do so 1 month before the people that eventually bought our house showed up!!  It can't hurt to try.

Luckily my hubby was able to come home on the weekends, though it still sucked!  My realtor called me one weekend to let me know we had a viewing in 60 mins!!!!!!  Thanks for the notice!  We had just woke up but we somehow made the house show worthy w/o the kids going behind us messing it all up.

It will happen for you!  Good luck and Godspeed!!

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Dec. 21, 2008 at 5:29 PM

Thank you for your support, THis is a very streesful time and it is nice to know someone is listening. 

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