So I have been all about some salt this last hour but now I just want an oreo. Just a plain oreo. One of our doctors likes to bring in all kinds of snacks and crap and hide them in random drawers throughout the building and I know where the oreos are I am just to super lazy to get up and get one. Today has been an awesome day, for some reason no one has noticed we have had the satelite on dance rave techno music all day and they just changed it about 10 seconds ago. Haha I thought it was fun. But I have been waiting to here like a ravey type mix of something good like metal type song done all techno but no luck. Speaking of which the new oomph cd if you haven't heard it listen it, so it can rule your face like it has mine and my hubbys. So next tuesday is the next ultrasound hopefully we will get good news this time since last time they couldn't even see the little boog :-( boo sad face, but ob says everything should be fine not to worry until we have a reason. Calyx also gets his hearing aids next week I am sure I have said it before but honestly you never know what it is like until you have a kid who can't hear or respond to you. I will be so relieved once he gets them in then maybe he can start being all coo and gaga baba mama stuff like others his age. And then maybe when I tell him no no to eating the trashbag he will listen haha. How is everyone else night going? Anything fun? I hope so. I hope everyone is having a wonderful eve before eve and I am going to go on that note. Thanks for listening !!

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