This is the first christmas with my son and husband. Every past christmas I can recall I have been majorly depressed. I figured this year would be different and it has been.

It all started yesterday at 5am. I had to work at 6am on christmas eve because my boss went on vacation even though I asked for it off in october. So my toyota is parked outside my apartment complex because we only have one spot inside the gate. I went to my car, and started driving. It felt ROUGH so I pulled over a block futher and checked my tires. I had a rear pass. flat. I called my automotive apt husband but he was alseep. So I go ok, gotta do it myself. (I had the jist of what to do but I never actually have done it) so I am wrestling with the jack trying to figure out how to work it.

Now bear in mind its 40 degrees outside and pouring rain. Im muttering merry f*ing christmas. Im cold wet and tired. 

All of a sudden, a firetruck pulls up behind me. My first thought is "OMG im blocking a firetruck? WTF!" So 3 firefighters step out and ask if I need a hand. I was kinda shocked. I was like, "um I got it I think". One of them chuckles and starts changing the tire. I was almost at tears. I asked how the saw me and they go "We were on our way back to the station (across the street from my apt) and we saw your flashers."

I dont know if this made any sense, but I cant stop thinking about it. I saw an act of 100% selflessness. There was nothing in it for these men to help me, it wasnt their job, they didnt know me, nothing. But they still came to help me.

I beleive in the power of christmas again. I havent for a very long time.

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Dec. 25, 2008 at 6:35 PM

I was raised by and around firefighters, and they are the best! I'm glad you got to find this out first hand. Merry Christmas!

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Dec. 25, 2008 at 8:00 PM

How Godson is a firefighter -they truly are very giving and helping people!!!

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