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ok.. its hard to type with a newborn in ur arms... its been a week now so I don't know if I remember all the details correctly but here goes... and i warn u this is long cuz i want to remember it right in my head....

I was 40 weeks and 5 days and the doctor scheduled an induction for 1 am last Monday the 22nd. I went in after not being able to sleep too excited. i was only dilated 1 cm, no contractions at all. Went in, got IV put in, did paperwork, and they put in the Cytotec. I was hooked up to a fetal heartbeat monitor and contraction monitor around my belly, had the IV, and blood pressure cuff. I was instantly miserable being hooked up to machines. I couldn't turn over or move much or the heartbeat onitor would start dinging and the nurse would have to come fix it. My sides hurt and I couldn't lie on my back so that sucked. I had to unhook them and drag the cords when I went to the bathroom, which was like every 2 minutes. I had to wait 3 hours, they checked my dilation, no progress. They put in another cytotec, wait 3 hours. We tried to watch tv, tried to sleep, just waited.

Nothing really happened besides I was miserable being in the bed hooked up and having to pee so much. Around 10 am my mom came to the hospital to be with me. We waited, and they let us go walking in the halls just to get me out of the bed. The cytotec caused cramping like really bad menstrual cramping.

Finally at 3 pm they checked me and I was dilated to a 3 so they broke my water. This just felt like a ton of pressure and then a very warm gush. They came in later and started me on the pitocin.

It seems like the very second they started the pitocin drip, my contractions started and were very painful right at the start. They were a couple of minutes apart. I remember trying to watch King of the Hill and breathe in between contractions. They told me a lady had come in after me in the next room and already had her baby which wasn't fair. I was trying not to complain about the contractions because I figured they would be getting a lot worse but they were already so bad...

All of a sudden I started getting horrible long contractions one after the other after the other. No time to breathe in between, I was writhing in pain, and on the brink of screaming. My husband came over and got concerned, was holding my hand. I closed my eyes and buried my face in my pillow to avoid screaming. I asked why it was sooo horrible and the nurse said "Oh, labor is hard..." I was like yeah right this isn't right it's horrible! The nurse asked how I was and I screamed at her that I need an epidural NOW. They offered me some pain meds in my IV and i said YES and call the epidural man!!!!

All I remember after that was being really tired, they asked if the meds left me sleepy and i didnt even answer, the nurse said they take that as a yes. I was still in pain but it took the edge off and made me relax and sleepy. It seemed like there was 30 people in the room all doing something, and my husband was concerned over me. I didnt want to be moved but they made me move onto my back. they checked me and i was at a 4. they put in an internal monitor for contractions and screwed this little thing into the top of the baby's head to get his heartbeat, which i wouldn't have allowed but i was screaming in pain and didnt know what they were doing.

I hadnt peed in over an hour and my bladder was about to explode. The anesthesiologist came and they had me sit up, which almost killed me cuz i had to pee so bad it hurt soo bad. then they wanted me to slouch over which put more pressure on it! it was soo horrible. the numbing shot hurt, and the epidural hurt worse. my mom and husband had to leave the room cuz they didn't want to see it. i felt the tinge in my left leg that felt like i had been shot! they lay me down and my left side started to numb. i was begging for a catheder and when they gave me one it didn't empty my bladder, i had to keep trying to push the urine out to get some relief. they rolled me and my right side numbed up.

The craziness settled down, and i got nice and numb. I was still really sleepy, and very relaxed. I was slumped down the bed and had to have my husband pull me up cuz i was so numb, i thought that was funny. i kept asking him to position my legs cuz i couldnt feel them.

i was feeling a ton of pelvic pressure, like the baby was busting out. I felt like I had to take a #2, so i called a nurse. she checked me and i had gone to a 9!!!! from 4 to 9 cm in one hour because i was contracting constantly!!! They started preparing things and getting all the stuff ready for the birth. I don't know how many minutes later, they checked again and I was a 10 so they paged the dr.

They got me into stirrups, got everything ready, and the doctor came in. They told me to hold my breath and push while they counted to 10 and I pushed on the next contraction. (yeah i pooed on the first push but i didn't really freakin care) They had me push 3 times, then said hang on while they were doing stuff down there.

I pushed 3 more times, said he was right there. I think i pushed like twice more and the baby came out screaming, fuzzy head of hair, set on my tummy. I was crying. They wiped him down. My husband and my mom were crying. I was so terrified of the baby, but instantly loved him. My mom cut the cord, and the doctor got the placenta out and i didn't even feel it.

They got everything finished up down there and lifted my legs out of the stirrups. They got the baby cleaned up and put him in a blanket and handed him to me. I looked at him in disblief. I was still scared of him though so my mom took him and held him and my husband took a turn holding him. The nurse pushed on my belly to get all the blood out and stuff and I was delighted at how small and soft my belly was, no more baby!

We kinda just hung out for a while and waited for my legs to get feeling back. The baby went to the nursery to get a bath, and we met with the pediatrician. Everything went so well, and there were no problems at all. I didn't tear at all or need an episiotomy. I can't believe that I gave birth and lived to tell about it.

That being said, I am never going to be induced again!!! Thru the whole thing i kept thinking i never want to have another baby cuz it was so terrible! I had to sit there not able to moved hooked up to machines for over 12 hours with nothing happening, and then all of a sudden I had the worst contractions anyone has ever had, and i swear there was no break in between them! With my next baby I am waiting for the last day of my 42nd week before i would ever induce!! Just wait and go into labor on your own, it's so much better. I would have been so happy to stay at home until labor started. i just had to be so anxious to have the baby. A lot of doctor's are way too induction happy these days too. It's so awful..

They say the 2nd baby is easier than the first and if i wait for natural labor it won't be so bad. Of course I forgot all about everything the second I saw my baby's beautiful blue eyes... In a little while I'll probably be saying it wasn't even that bad. I want to have like 5 kids but i hope i'm having quadruplets on the next one, (or what are they called when there's 4?) so i don't have to labor ever again!!

Whew, ok there it was. I warned you that it was long! The result was sure worth it and i would do it all again just to get my sweet little Preston.

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Jan. 11, 2009 at 12:16 AM

Your son is so cute! I loved reading your birth story!

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Jan. 13, 2009 at 3:30 PM

your story was very interesting.

I was induced and they let me labor for 12 hours and i had every intention of going all natural. Until they came in at the 12th hour after they'd broken my water about 6 hours earlier and said i was only dilated to 2cm and they were going to prep me for a C-section.

Some women can be induced and have the baby out in 3 hours, and some it takes all day, or a couple of days.

ugh! but he's here and beautiful! its over with...for now!! haha

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Feb. 12, 2009 at 12:14 PM

I was induced because my water broke and they had me on pitocin for 36 hours because I wouldnt dialate past a 7 and finally THEY gave up and decided a c-section would have to be done. THANK GOD!! I would have had one after 24 hours... I just wanted him out of me!!! He was 12. 3 so there was NO WAY he was coming out!! I didnt mind it... I started having HORRIBLE back labor and thats all that really was bad. But good story!

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Feb. 16, 2009 at 6:36 PM

He is cute. But I was induced, you're welcome to read my journal about it. It wasn't that bad.

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