So I got a really good idea from one of my online girls. A list of favorite things. I know that we all have multi-tueds of favorite things. They change many times over the course of our lives and even daily depending on our moods. I'm going to compile a list...hopefully not a long of just some of my favorite things.

Sunshine on my face

Ice Cream in the summer

My kids laughing

A hug from an old friend

Stillness(at night after the kids are asleep, the stillness of the house after a long day)

Taco's made by mom(delicious)

Drinks with friends

Girls night out(or in) with a good movie, conversation, music and love stories(or horror stories)

Hearing "Mommy, I love you"

The look that tells you everything you need to know

A good t.v show(May I recommend Army Wives)

The grab of the shoulder that says "Its going to be ok" even if you feel like the world is falling apart.

Chocolate in mass amounts(I'm a girl so sue me)

Great life lesson books(Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Quotes that teach much in a few words "Children are the anchors that holda mother to life"~ Sopchles....

"And when one of us is gone, and one of us if left to carry on. Then remembering will have to do. Our memories alone will get us through. Think about the days of me and you, You can me against the world"

"Children reinvent your world for you"-Susan Sarandon

Feel free to write your own. As a matter of fact I recommend that you do. It will teach us all a little bit about someone else.


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Dec. 31, 2008 at 7:10 PM

Awesome Post ! Happy New Year's to you and many blessings and well wishes for the new year...:)

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Jan. 2, 2009 at 7:21 AM

Great List!  I love it!

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