Start working from home for FREE!!  Don't spend a penny.  If you love candles, or know people who do, this is PERFECT for you! Did you know that 80% of the US burns scented candles in their homes? Why not be the one they buy from? Come be a part of this $2 Billion dollar industry!!! You can also give the gift of working from home. The gift that keeps on          giving.

    Start with DiamondCreek Candles' FREE 30 Day trial offer.        NO CC REQUIRED! AFTER your FREE trial offer,you choose where to go from there; either cancel or choose from our 3 monthly plans:

  1. Silver $5/month
  2. Gold $9.98/month
  3. Platinum $29.99/month
  • Have your own website,
  • Carry no inventory,
  • No monthly quotas,
  • Stock no products and much, much more!
  • Commissions up to 6 levels
  • Residual Income

Don't want to have to host parties? That's ok, you don't have   to. You can work strictly from your computer and still make  money.....I do.  If you DO want to have parties...then go for it!!! You can choose from our 6 Consultant Packs.

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Check out how you can Make Every Room Smile

Alissa Russell

Independent Rep. for DiamondCreek Candles


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