After last night and all the excitment that the kids have of a possible snow day, even if it is just a delayed day.  Nothing at all just rain.  It is sweet that no matter how old they get they still act like little wee ones when it comes to that.  Tradition in our area is to the night before a possible snow day is to put your jammies on inside out and on backwards and dance around your bed 3 times.  i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't do it, giggles thinking of all the nights being silly.  So we are stuck with rain....yuck.  North and west are getting the ice which can be really nasty.  Hope  that the inauguration isn't going to like this rainy and cold. 

I am hoping that with all the rain my neck isn't going to hurt to bad today.  Fingers are crossed which makes for slow typing.  Last night was really bad and I felt so weepy but the hubby is gentle and sweet.  I can't imaging what other ppl do when they do not have a support system helping  and being kind.  For that I am thankful. 


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