• The Strength for 24 HOURS OF LABOR
  • The Strength to NURSE EVERY HOUR  
  • The Strength to LIVE OFF 4 HOURS OF SLEEP A DAY
  • The Strength to CHANGE 100 DIAPERS A DAY  
  • The Strength to LOVE MY LIFE AS A MOTHER  

STROLLER STRIDES is the nation's leading stroller fitness program for moms and moms-to-be.  We uniquely deliver a total body workout that incorporates both the baby and the stroller.  Great for any fitness level, STROLLER STRIDES will improve your cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility with a 60-minute workout using the environment, exercise tubing and the stroller.  All these improvements will help you in your role as mommy.  We offer various membership options that fit your family's budget and do not require a long-term commitment. 

Come join a great group of moms who are going through the same amazing and exhausting experience of living with a baby.  You will find a support system where everything, including fitness, is so much easier.  Find out more at or email Anna at>


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