So I had to bring Casey to work this morning because his truck isnt working amongst other things. Which means of course I have to pick him up from work. So I get to his work about 3:30 this afternoon. I sit outside and I think this shouldnt take that long right? WRONG...Martha comes out and tells me to come inside because he's on the phone. I come inside and he's stuck in Portland at the dock. He's been there since about 10:30 this morning. YAY! Not. He tells me that there are still about 12 other trucks in front of him. I guess one of the lifters to take the crate off of his truck broke down so they had to bring in and really old one from the 70's. So I sit in the office and I thankfully grabbed a book before I left the house because I'd would be bored out of my mind. Martha and I start talking and then his boss Matt comes in. He tells Martha he's got basketball to go to. He also tells her that if she wants to she can leave because it'll be awhile before Casey gets back. So I'm thinking ok going to have to wait in the car for him. I grab my purse and book and start to leave. Matt says "Where are you going?" I said "To the car to wait for Casey." He tells me "You dont have to do that. You can wait in here where its warm for him. Can you lock the front door on your way out?" I said "Yeah I can lock the door." So him and Martha leave. She only lives about 2 miles from the office. She tells me she'll leave the computer on so I can check email and such and just to call her when he pulls into the yard and she'll come back and lock up.  Matt told me if you want something to drink there are drinks in the fridge and he said bye and left. So here it sits about 6:15, I'm in the office, still waiting for Casey to get back from Portland. I grew up in a seemingly small town. Atleast its always been small to me. When I was born the population was about 17 thousand people and in 26 years its grown to over 30 thousand people. Casey works in a small town about 45 minutes from where we live. Its kind of nice being trusted on your word that you're not going to be stupid and steal stuff from a multi-million dollar buisness. Its like one huge family. Everyone knows about everyone's family and all the buisness. So here I sit in a million dollar office, waiting and waiting for him to get here. Its just me. There is litterally nobody else around here. So I thought I'd jot down a blog to stail off the bordem. Its boring sometimes being left alone, especially at work. Even if its not my work. Gotta love the small towns.

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