Ok so I was soooo nervous about today. I got up at 5:20, kenny got up at almost 6, and marvin at 6:30. We were out the door by 6:45. Hit the road. Had to be there by 8:45. Then he had the surgery at 10:45. He was out by 1. Then we only had to stay till about 2:15. It went so well. It was only the main thing they were thinking it was. Now it's all fixed as of now. They said that he might not be able to stand well or walk because of the block he had for surgery. He is up walking with things and having no troubles what so ever!! He's stronger then they thought he would be haha! He is on a pain killer for 24 hours at least. Then he's only on a cream for 7-10 days. After 48 hours he can have a bath. He's doing so great. He's still his happy self. He didn't cry once cause of pain. He did get fussy on his way home but I blame that on him being stuck in his car seat for 4 hours in one day and for not eating since 7 last night. He's eating and drinking great. He's my champ. There's the update. We have a recheck in March to make sure everything has healed right. It's good. It's really good. Now on the 22nd he's got his year checkup. At this appointment he weighed 21LBS. So there you go everyone. I hope this finds everyone in as good as a mood as me.

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Jan. 16, 2009 at 11:20 PM

I am so happy to hear how well he is doing!! I am glad everything worked out well for him.

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