Well, I did survive... And we had a BLAST!  Here are the kids

Top Row:  Kathryn (Bailey's BM's daughter), TJ (Addison's BFamily's son)

Middle Row: Tyler (Addison's BFamily's daughter), Addison (our daughter), Madison (Bailey's BF's daughter), Bailey (our daughter), Levi (our son)

Here are the Mom's ...Julie (Addison's BM), Me, Shay (Bailey's BF's wife), Michelle (Bailey's BM)

Even though it was a girls night... Travis (Addison's BF) dropped in on our fun.  I loved that he was there.  But I felt so bad that I didn't have Will (Bailey's BF) with us as well.  He and Travis would have had a great time.  Travis was so sweet... He even fixed my broken kitchen drawer.  Thank you Travis!   

Levi was helping.... LOL

We had a massive game of solitaire going on.  What a crazy mess..but OH THE FUN!!!

This was TJ's first time and he was a trouper to not go nuts under the pressure.

We had pizza, veggie & dip, snack foods, pop and everything you could imagine to feed this hungry crew.

Kathryn was watching Wall-E on the tv.  

Tyler getting her nails painted.  They had some pretty wild colors

The girls made princess party hats and wore them the entire time. :))  I thought they were really creative.

Okay, this is us playing PIT.  If you've never played it... You should, it's so fun!

This is down in the game room when we were winding down and getting ready to sleep.  This was us all passing around the lotion.  Michelle slept on a make shift bed in Bailey's room.  Kathryn slept in Addison's bed upstairs, Shay slept on the couch, and the three younger girls slept on the floor in the game room.  Levi and I slept in our own beds. 

This is Morris our cat... poor Mooris had never been loved so much.  hahahaha  He did eventually end up sleeping with Michelle.

This is breakfast the next morning.  We were still so tired and Shay brought the most delicious coffee and creamer to wake us all up.  Thank you Shay.  :))  Yummm

This is the girls playing dress up.  They looked like such beautiful princesses.

Even Kathryn joined into the fun of dress up.  It was so cute.

And what party would be a party if you didn't get your hair curled?

This was Tyler and Addison in the car as I was driving her home.  Tyler touched my heart as they were preparing to go home.  She had tears in her eyes and I said... Tyler are you crying?  She said... No but I knew that she was.  I said...Tyler, all you have to do is call me anytime, make me feel guilty by saying that you miss me and I'll come get you any weekend.  She smiled and said.. Okay.  I then hugged her and went into the bathroom.  While in there I heard her tell the other girls what I had said and then she and Addison started practicing how they should whine and cry to be affective when she calls.  hahahaha  Those girls are a hoot!

 Madison and Bailey

I had to add this picture in because I just died laughing when I saw it because this is usually the expressions I get from my birth families when I share one of my latest and craziest ideas.  hahahaha 

It's like they just don't get me?... hahahahaha  NO, I'm kidding!

I looked a mess... didn't get any sleep... played my heart out .... and LOVED every minute that we were all together.  These ladies mean the world to me and I LOVE THEM!!!  We are all planning a camping and canoe trip this summer.  Michelle has never slept in a tent and I don't care where we go as long as we are all together and having a great time.  That's all that matters to me.  :))


Hope you enjoyed.  NOW, I'm off to get a shower and some much needed sleep!!!  Might I just add... Open adoption can be so beautiful!


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Jan. 20, 2009 at 7:24 PM

I'm actually tearing up from all those pictures, and hearing how much FUN you had!!! 

I can't imagine the way those girls feel to know there are soooo many people around them that LOVE them!  Never mind the fact that the birth parents AND their spouses all have a friendly relationship.  That's just beyond amazing to me. 

God has blessed you, my sweet sister!!!

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Jan. 21, 2009 at 8:15 AM

Looks like you had agreat time! Thanks for the pics....

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Jan. 22, 2009 at 2:45 PM

Thank you for making this a fun time for all of us. Now I need to go and post on my page. LOL! I was still charishing this wonderful moment for myself. It was a blast! M~

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Feb. 5, 2009 at 12:10 PM

Great pics!  Thanks for sharing!  We did have a really nice time!!  ~Shay


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