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 PROMPTToday you are a tree, a very old tree, tell me about your life. What have you seen throughout your life?


Mine is a lonely existence.  I do not complain.  This is merely an observation of what is.  I am what I was created to be and I accept my role with honor and dignity, peace and majesty, understanding and pride.

I am the silent observer.  I am Father Time's historian.  I have seen much, heard much, felt much.  Love, death, deceit, birth, pain, joy, hatred and growth... I have born witness to it all.    The scars I bear stand in testimony to the stories that history has woven around me.  The tales that I gathered throughout the years are only reflective of my time in my designated space of the collective that is this Divinity that you know as Earth. 

Over the years I have served many purposes to many living creatures. 

I have provided shelter.  I have hidden man and animal alike.  I coddled woodland creatures in the heat of summer and the freezing cold of winter.  I hid men who had been ravaged by seemingly endless years of war.  My heart still aches at the thought of that poor soldier's blood seeping into my roots.  The bullet that scathed my tender skin never stopped as it tore through him.  Some fall, some remain.

I have been the executioner's toolkit.  I wept as men were strung from my branches.  I screamed in silence as my limbs were brandished as weapons of hate and bigotry.  To this very day, I rustle in fury when I think of the crosses that they carved from my glorious brothers and sisters.  They burned them!  They used my kind to express their hatred and fear and ignorance. 

I have been a proclamation of love.  If you look closely enough you will find the fading heart that was carved into my flesh so many years since past.  The physical pain that overcame me became bearable the instant I saw the glimmer in that young girl's eyes. In my minds eye I can still see her lover pulling that giggling sweet thing to my side.  They were both so full of expectation and hope.  What happened next shall remain unspoken.  I do have some discretion.

During my time here, pieces of me have been used to provide warmth, strength, nourishment and defense.  I have been used in anger, fear, love, and hope.  My purpose has not always been pleasant.  My purpose has not always been disagreeable.  My future is no more known than to me than yours is to you.  But I will endure.  I will remain. 

I will continue to stand alone for all of my many long days.  As with any living thing, time runs it course.  Some fall, some remain.  All have purpose. 







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