The kids are both doing really well.  Blake has just turned 5 months old and he's thriving.  He weighs 17 lbs and is 26 inches long as of this past Monday.  He is smiling, rolling over and giggling when you tickle his belly.  He loves his big sisters although Gillian does scare him with her screaming at least twice a day and Ashley is too scared of his drool to mess with him.  This boy loves to eat!  When I'm home, he's constantly latched on but he also loves his organic Gerber bananas!  I call him my "Fatty Patty" or "my love".  I just love this precious little man.

Gillian is doing so much better!  She got on her behavior medicine back in July and that really helped her crazy behaviors.  Then a month ago she got on ADHD medicine and it too has helped.  Then a few days before Christmas we got a really great Christmas present, a letter from Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital.  They are collaborating on a study, the Simons Simplex Collection, to look at a genetic connection and autism within families of children with autism.  They would do the test to determine where Gillian is on the autism spectrum, IQ, cognitive and genetic testing all at no cost to us because it would be part of the study.  Well, Gillian did not qualify because she does not have a full sibling over the age of 4.  I guess b/c the lady felt sorry for me or because I called her every week and bugged her to death she asked the researchers if they would go ahead and do all the tests on Gillian but bill it to my insurance.  So this is great news!  This is the answer to our prayers!  Instead of waiting an entire year to find out answers, we are going February 4th to get her tested.  THANK GOD!! 

It is a hard pill to swallow to realize that your child is not normal and may never be.  It is hard to know as a teacher that MY child has learning disabilities so bad that she can't go on to Kindergarten next year like she should.  And she may never talk.  I can't hold her to the same standards that a normal 4 1/2 year old would be held to.  It doesn't matter, her Daddy and I love her no matter what.  We always will...   

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Jan. 28, 2009 at 8:33 AM

Tick Tock.... almost there to testing time!  Yay!!!!   I'm soooo glad!     Blake is eating nan-ners already?  Good for him!  Yummy!   My little monkeys loved nanners!!!    

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