I never got the time to write about my birth experience so here goes...

At my 33weeks of pregnancy with my son I was going to pick up my daughter at her school that's not far away from my home so I decide to walk. I dint saw a bump on the side walk and I fell landing on my very preggo belly. The pain was horrible and I was so scared. A few teenagers that were walking not far from were I fell saw me and they run to my neighbor's house while others say with me and call 911 I couldn't walk because I couldn't felt my legs. My neighbor came with a blanket and she call my husband while I was laying on the sidewalk waiting for the ambulance to come. My husband came first than the damn ambulance and a few seconds later the ambulance were there They took mt to the hospital were they made me several test and sonograms. I recover the sensation of my legs and they send me home. 2 days later I was leaking so my SIL took me to the doc office he made me a test with a string that the fluid paint color blue which it meant it was amniotic fluid. He gave me a few pills and send me home to rest but instead I went dinner with my hubby and he's family. In the restaurant I was having strong contractions and they rush me to the hospital. They gave me steroids and put me on Mercury of Sulfate to stop labor. I spend a week on the hospital. Then they send me home were I got more contraction again so I got back to the hospital. They try to put me on the sulfate but after a few days it wasnt working on my body I was having contractions and in really bad pain.My doc decide to let me have my baby I suffer a lot they decide not to put me on pain med because it had a bad effect with the med they gave me. So there I was 35 weeks and in bad labor when suddenly I got an hemorrhage and they rush me to OR to make me an emergency C-section I was dying and so my baby, They suspected that I was having a placenta abruption and when they open my belly they knew they were right. The placenta was decomposing and separated from the side that hit the floor when I felt on the sidewalk. My baby weight 5  lbs and 10 onz measure 19 inches. He couldn't breath by he's own so they quickly show him to me and took him to the NICU. He's cry was so weak. As for me I had problems also with my bladder that got stick to my uterus so the operate it too. When my hubby saw our child the doc explain that both of us were very sick and he had a break down there. He was screaming and crying. I saw him when I put me on my room after intensive care. The NICU docs told me that my son needed a breathing machine and they had to take him to another hospital. I cry but I knew it was for he own good. They release me 3 days later I went to see my son and he was much better 4 days later we got to take him home with us, which it was the best day of my life. We are both fine now and healthy.

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Jan. 25, 2009 at 6:52 PM

Im glad everything turned out ok for you and your son. You both look beautiful!

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Feb. 20, 2009 at 9:15 PM

wAOOO, Im glad that everything turned fine, he is so handsome...i have a veri bad experience but everything is kind of fine now...GOD BLESS YOU

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