I had low fluid levels, i was scheduled for an induction on Tues the 20th. I was supposed to go in on Sunday for another Ultrasound and NST, however Sunday there was supposed to be a horrible snow storm. My midwife had said once they do the ultrasound they will definitely induce me. I called the office Early Sat morning to see if they could reschedule me for later that day so i could avoid the snow. They said no, they didnt have any space available for me.

Well cut to 5 minutes to 2, i start having hard contractions. My midwife told me once i have contractions that are ten minutes apart that i should come in, okay.......well, they started at ten minutes, and i didnt want to get everyone set ( the kids to the babysitters etc) just to be sent home. So we wait, about an hr and half go by, i cant keep a cheery face on around the kids.......its time to go. ( i didnt want them associated their little brother with hurting mommy)

We get to the hospital around 3:15, we get to L&D at....3:25, by this time Im really feeling the contractions. Id have hard ones (1min long) every 10 mins or so and mini ones that i could kind of talk through that were only 30 secs or so.

The nurse is doing all the paperwork and whatnot, im still worried they are going to send me home, ( i had been just barely 1cm the day before). Finally around 3:50 the nurse checks me and im 6cm dialated.

We walk to labor room 4 which was just around the corner, but we had to stop once cause i just couldnt walk through the contraction. We sit down get comfy , i explain to the nurses how quickly i had my daughter, and they all agreed as soon as my water broke that baby was coming out. So they had three nurses standing around me filling out my paperwork. Now, ........i dont deal very well with people talking to me while im having a contraction, it pisses me off to be truthful. They were asking me things like my phone number and various random things that my husband doesnt know so i had to answer myself.  They also had a lady putting an IV in my arm.and another woman was drawing my blood. But overall, they were very good and i appreciate that they listened to me.

We had one nurse who stayed with us for the whole labor, she was very nice, once they got the paperwork done they had everything set up and ready to go. The Dr. came in at 6, and checked me because she wanted to get dinner and didnt want to have to fly back upstairs. At 6:30 i told the nurse, i really feel like i need to push now. She said, well, your epidural is about 5-10 mins away do you think you can wait. And we discussed my options, i could try to wait, get the epi, and more than likely not have enough time for it to be effective, or i could just go naturally. So she asked if i wanted her to check me again, i was at 9.5 cms, she said " you can do this, you can push through this, you can try on the next contraction if you want". She sat down on the bed, put my right foot anchored on her thigh and told me to pull up on my thighs as i pushed with the next contraction.

I felt the next contraction come and gave a half-hearted push (thinking oww this gonna hurt), the nurse was telling me to breathe out, during the same contraction, i decided basically "wtf, this is gonna hurt might as well get it over with" i felt the baby, i heard a gush and felt the nurse jump up. Baby Rowan was out in one push. Bag of water and all.

She grabbed Rowan wrapped him very haphazardouslyand flipped him up onto my stomach. The hospital beds normally dissasemble and they have a bucket to catch everything. But the nurse wasnt expecting him to come out in one push. They cleaned up the bed, the guy for the epidural came and they told him that we didnt need him anymore. Rowan's body temp was a little low, so they kept him under heater lamps for a few hours.

All in all, i had as close to a home birth with a midwife, as one can have in the setting i was in.


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Jan. 26, 2009 at 11:47 AM

Congrats! You didn't have to be induced and you did it without the epi! Glad your little one is ok!

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