Ok so my 3 bad things has finally ended. You bad things always come in threes.

First my husband gets hurt before deploying and has to be put on medical leave and some idiot didn't submit some paperwork so hubby could get paid and we went 9 weeks without any money.

Second I was in a car accident last week. got whip lash, great pain killers, and totaled my car.

Third we lost power at our house because hubby thought I paid the electric and I thought he paid the it. so it got over looked. And we can't pay it until my hubby gets paid friday. so we're staying at my parents' house until it get cut back on.

So now that my run of back luck has run it's course I now have something good happen. I have finally get more hours at my job. only problem is I have no vehicle to be able to get to work. Funny how things work out. I need to keep my job but I have no way to get to it unless I take my hubby to work then take my hubby to work, drop my kids off at my mom's then drive all the way back to work. then get off work get my kids and then hubby. The problem with that is we would need to leave the house at 5:45-6 am and not get home til 8pm. And That's just to much driving and I don't want to have to get my kids up so early in the morning  and to bed so late. God this sucks. we can't afford a new car, so I don't  what to do.

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Feb. 5, 2009 at 10:58 PM

girl.... i understand....  i dont really have any advice to give but i'm the queen of bad luck... I love ya and miss ya and i am praying for you... hope to see or hear from ya soon!!!!

love ya lots!

ashleylove you sign

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