i moved from sunny california for a few reasons, but the main reason was to be with the father of my kid. When we conceived our baby, it was a total accident and things were not so great at first. He had a job offer in Australia, and was moving away from the city we met in anyway. Well long story short, i moved! To Ohio. yeah...
I found that being with him 100% of the time has proved to be a lot different than the fairy tale it seemed it would have been when we were casually dating. Sure we still talk and hang out, but it' more than that. I have become more than a friend, it's like family. his mom and i are closer than i would have ever thought! Even his dad and i have a good relationship, much like the one between my father and i. To be really honest, it's like we are really best friends who just happen to be having a kid together. We don't date other people or anything, in fact that's kinda an unspoken rule, he knows that i'd flip and he knows that i'll lock him out, haha. but really, we still act more like friends than lovers at times, and you know what it works. you have to be comfortable with the person you are mating with, an trust me, i think we have comfort down! now i think that we may need to work on the romance in our relationship. Don't get me wrong, we have sex, a lot. but it's more in the way like "wow i sure could go for some sex, you wanna go at it?" than "wow i'm so into you, let's make love". i don't know how i feel about it yet to be honest but, i know that it's hard to be sexy with a biggo belly full of baby! well i have to go, my back is killing me and i can feel the baby moving so the position i'm in must be bugging him. later all.

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