So I've been having some ups and downs lately, not to mention I've been kinda moody and have been missing Trevor like crazy. I couldn't even sleep Wednesday night because I missed him so much. But today was pretty good :) I got to talk to him for about an hour and a half today, and the call only dropped like 4 times! That's pretty good compared to what we usually get, and the video was on the whole time! It was really nice. I didn't get much accomplished in terms of homework or housework, but I did get to talk to a friend I hadn't spoken with in a while.

After picking up Marilyn from school, we went to the park to walk before it got dark. Grandma joined us there and we had a nice stroll, and of course played on the swings. Then, we decided to go get dinner, so we had Mexican! Yum! I hadn't realized how long it had been since I really ate out, like not fast food. It was nice and we talked and even had a little dessert! Then, we came home and downloaded some music. We found some kid's songs and some Pink Floyd for Marilyn. She wore herself out dancing to the kid's songs, then relaxed to the Pink Floyd songs and fell asleep in my lap. It was so sweet! It was kinda funny, because shortly before she fell asleep I was just thinking about how much I missed rocking her to sleep when she was little. I can't really do it anymore either because she won't let me, or because it takes to long and she weighs a ton! It just kinda happened though, and it was really nice.

I'm finally getting into the groove of being a mommy, I suppose. It was hard at first, but for some reason it's more bearable now. I don't know if it's because of how much she's changed, or if it's because of how much I've changed, or both, but it's really nice. I know a lot of it has to do with me finally having the support I needed. I'm so glad Trevor found me :) Either way, today was a really nice day :)

oh yeah, and this is what happens when you leave purple glittery lipstick lying around. hey, it was from like sixth grade! don't mock me... ;)

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